Pagani Huayra Nemesis: Super million dollar car makes many hearts regret

Pagani Huayra Nemesis: Super million dollar car makes many hearts regret

With a price of more than $ 2 million but only producing exactly 100 units, Pagani Huayra Nemesis has become one of the million-degree super products that make many hearts regret.

Pagani Huayra Nemesis – Worthy of a million dollar super product

The reason why Pagani Huayra Nemesis is considered one of the most regrettable supercars because Pagani can only produce exactly 100 units. The reason is an exclusive commitment of Pagani and Mercedes Benz. Under this agreement, Mercedes Benz only provides 100 sets of M158 engines – the “heart” of every Pagani Huayra Nemesis car.

The M158 engine series is handcrafted and includes a wide range of rare materials. Therefore, the engine has only 100 units and brings extremely excellent operating experience to the user. This engine block produces a capacity of up to 730 horsepower and a torque of about 1,000Nm. Huayra Nemesis also uses a seven-speed sequential transmission.

Not only the engine, every detail of the Pagani Huayra Nemesis car is “expensive”. Even the smallest bolt is also made of carbon and titanium. The car’s total number of bolts and titanium materials cost up to $ 37,000. Because they are only produced once with a quantity of 100 units, the Huayra Nemesis supercars are not only valuable for operation but also very valuable in terms of collectibles.

In Vietnam, a Huayra Nemesis has also appeared on the street and attracts all eyes of users and car lovers. Calculating the total cost, at the time of 2016, this Huayra Nemesis has a price of up to about 80 billion VND. This is also recognized as one of the most expensive cars in Vietnam.

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