P front or hand brake first, there is nothing to argue

Sometimes there are parts that, despite their proper performance, are still controversial between the rich experience and the theory of books. Everyone has his reason.

Most automatic gearboxes today have the following basic gear structure:

P – Used to lock the gear box

R – Used to back up

N – the number mo equals 0 as the motorbike

D – number forward

M / L – manual or low gear

Normally, when stopping the car, depending on the driver, there will be N, pull the handbrake, or use only the number P. In which, according to the gearbox structure, the number P is actually a pin insert into the wheel gear ring. to prevent the car from drifting. Since then there is controversy if the hand brake is not pulled, the gear ring must rotate properly to fit the pin number P inserted into it, causing the gear box to break. Others think that P is the number of parking manufacturers have calculated enough, they must manipulate the trouble for every carefree way.


Others are more careful, when they do not dare to use the P number to stop parking for a long time, but only use the N number and pull the handbrake and even insert the wheel. However, this way has a limitation because in the humid weather, it is easy to cause a bunch of brakes, especially on the drum, with the disc brake will have to step hard on the brake pads to open, causing a loud noise.


This issue has become so controversial that there has been no end since everyone has their arguments. And up to now, there has been no case of breaking the gearbox because of shifting P without pulling the handbrake. But to avoid the above situation, most newer cars will require users to have a new P number to shutdown and lock the door.

And most people use the general formula to stop a particular vehicle: kick the foot brake – go to N – pull the hand brake – pull back to P and consider it the best way to avoid gearbox breaks. But few people know that luxury cars today, especially Mercedes-Benz, have different principles of operation, which means that if you only need to go to P, the car will automatically set the handbrake and it is hard to tell whether it is P before or handbrake. before that it combined both at the same time. Almost all vehicles using electronic handbrake apply this mechanism.


Of course, the parking brake and the P-number all have different functions but they all share the same purpose. According to many documents, the parking brake is used to stop temporarily such as buying things, stopping red lights and P for long-term parking. But one thing users need to know is that when stopping on a slope, or the research surface should combine with the handbrake, because at this time the car is no longer in equilibrium will direct a lot of pressure down the gear. P, if left unattended for a long time without restarting, may lead to gearbox breakage.


Every feature in the car, the manufacturer has calculated the life expectancy very carefully, our users should not be too careful in using it, the notes are in the guidebook that almost no one Read when buying a car. So to avoid wasting time arguing these issues, you should read the user manual to operate the car in the best way.


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