Oxygen infusion and ECG monitor? Wang Junkai reported safety late at night: I'm fine, everyone don't worry

Oxygen infusion and ECG monitor? Wang Junkai reported safety late at night: I’m fine, everyone don’t worry

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Oxygen, use an ECG monitor?Wang Junkai reported safety late at night: I’m fine, don’t worry everyone

The long-announced new variety show “It just happens to be a teenager” finally aired. This travel variety show, hosted by Wang Junkai, Liu Haoran, and Dong Zijian, attracted huge attention as soon as it was broadcast.

Three young and beautiful teenagers, high-looking and have a sense of variety show, coupled with the beautiful and magnificent mountains and rivers in the country, make this variety show beautiful and interesting!

Unexpectedly, Wang Junkai, who was continuing to record the first episode of “It just happened to be a teenager,” had an accident.

Fans broke the news before that Wang Junkai, who was recording a variety show, may be uncomfortable because he saw that the show crew used some medical equipment.

After the result, Wang Junkai himself came out to respond.

As shown in the picture, Wang Junkai took photos of himself taking oxygen and using an electrocardiogram monitor, and urgently reported his safety to the fans late at night.

As you can see, Wang Junkai said optimistically and relaxedly: I’m fine, don’t worry.

According to Wang Junkai’s filming location and the voice of the “It’s a Boy” program group, Wang Junkai’s sickness this time was due to altitude sickness.

But he himself can take pictures optimistically and easily, and report his safety to the fans late at night, which shows that he is in good health and has altitude sickness, but it is not very serious.

What’s interesting is that although Wang Junkai took pictures to report his safety to fans, the ECG monitors he took were really scary.

As shown in the above picture, it may be that Wang Junkai’s condition has improved, so the contact has been removed, or the monitor may not be connected properly. The lines on the ECG monitor are all straight.

Netizens and fans who can understand ECG monitors a little bit may be surprised by this ECG at first glance.

In short, from the current point of view, Wang Junkai is in good physical condition, so fans don’t need to worry too much.

And it will soon alleviate the altitude sickness. It also shows from the side that Wang Junkai’s physical fitness is actually better than fans thought.

Of course, Wang Junkai was also very warm. After causing fans to worry, he immediately reported his safety in the middle of the night.

So what do you think of Wang Junkai’s heart-warming late night report of safety? (The picture comes from the Internet)


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