Owner "Putin palace" Speak up

Owner "Putin palace" Speak up

Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg confirmed on the Mash Telegram channel on January 30 that he is the owner of a huge mansion located on the Black Sea coast that has been “floating like alcohol” for many days with the nickname “the palace of Putin “.

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Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg

“Nothing to hide, I am the owner (of the palace) … It is a beautiful palace” – Russian businessman said.

Mr. Arkady is a billionaire businessman and his brother Boris Rotenberg co-owns the Stroygazmontazh Group, which builds the largest gas pipeline and power supply line in Russia.

The confirmation was made after the Mash Telegram channel posted a video showing the villa under construction, which Alexei Navalny alleged was owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Navalny accused this was President Putin’s private palace due to “bribery” by his subordinates and was worth nearly $ 1.4 billion. However, Mr. Navalny provided no evidence for such allegations.

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A picturesque seaside palace.

Responding to the Mash channel, the Russian businessman said that this project is complicated with many creditors involved in which he has worked hard to become a beneficiary. Mr. Arkady said that the villa is in a great location and he is very interested in planning it to become a hotel in about 2-3 years.

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“Putin Palace” while under construction in 2011.

The Russian businessman also explained why he did not speak up immediately when the allegations made by Mr. Navalny.

“I have been punished by the West” – this businessman said. He confirmed that he wanted to declare himself the owner of the villa after the project is completed.

The businessman refused to disclose the cost of completing the villa as well as related financial details to complete this “Black coastal palace”.

Previously, the Telegram channel named Maas posted a video of the “market entry” of the villa that the opposition politician Navalny accused of being “Putin’s palace” and clearly showed the lies that Mr. Navalny had drawn to stand alone. fake.

In addition to the strictly protected “palace”, a no-fly zone, Mr. Navalny said, there are many lavish rooms with red carpets and gilded walls, striptease rooms, swimming pools. Royal … However, Maas shows that this is actually a construction under construction, without guard gates and large works, the interior parts are still incomplete.

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The “palace” was “visited” by independent Russian investigators this week.

Commenting on Navalny’s footage, the Kremlin said that all of the material included in Navalny’s “investigation” of the “palace” in Gelendzhik was nothing more than a “carefully choreographed story” in order to obtain one. large amount of views on the internet.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the building was owned by one or perhaps more businessmen, but did not reveal the names of the owners.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he did not watch the video, but reviewed the documents submitted by the secretaries. The President said neither he nor his family own or have ever owned the assets mentioned in the video. Navalny’s actions, he said, were like “brainwashing” the Russians.

Clip of the town “Putin Palace” on the Black Sea:

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