Overwatch League 2021 – Week 13 Recap

The purpose of this meeting is to review the most significant events of each of the weeks of competition of theOverwatch League 2021 as well as our main expectations for the upcoming matches. Today we come back to the thirteenth week of competition.

This weekend we were able to attend the end of the placement matches for the Summer Showdown, third tournament of the 2021 season of theOverwatch League. Following the results, the elimination phases by region have started, thus qualifying the best four teams for the tournament weekend which begins this Friday. Thus, this weekend will have delivered us big surprises and some disappointments, of course.

The last placement matches

Many teams have succeeded in their last matches and thus have made it possible to modify the final classification. Indeed, the Paris Eternal team finds itself in fifth position, ahead of teams that will not be unworthy to reach the top of this ranking. We find the finalist and victorious teams of the previous tournaments at the top of the podium, allowing the Dallas Fuel and the Atlanta Reign to qualify immediately for the second round of eliminations.

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Very few changes on the table of the East division, apart from the small rise of the Chengdu Hunters who will have been able to dominate the Philadelphia Fusion as well as the Los Angeles Valiant. These two victories allow them to pass in front of the Seoul Dynasty, in order to participate in the regional eliminations. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s focus on these elimination matches right now.

Regional elimination matches

Unfortunately, the first round of eliminations got the better of Paris Eternal who lost to Washington Justice. A small disappointment very quickly forgotten when we know that this is the first time this season that the team has reached these phases of elimination. In addition, the winning American team will be eliminated in the next game by the Dallas Fuel, having won the 2021 May Melee.

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If we were hoping to witness the Seoul Dynasty’s comeback against the Shanghai Dragons for this third tournament, it won’t be for now since the Chengdu Hunters are pulling the rug out from under them and coming to qualify for the tournament weekend. . Thus, the four teams selected for the Summer Showdown remain almost the same as in the previous tournament since we will meet the Korean team on Friday.

Our expectations for the coming weeks of the Overwatch League

The third 2021 Overwatch League tournament kicks off this Friday July 16 through Sunday July 18 to attend the final. The four qualified teams, namely Atlanta Reign, Dallas Fuel, Shanghai Dragons and Chengdu Hunters will have to give their all to hope to reach the final. In view of this painting almost identical to that of June Joust, we hope to have some nice surprises during this coming weekend.

Indeed, it is very likely that the Shanghai Dragons will once again find themselves facing the Dallas Fuel, allowing the latter to take their revenge on the final of the previous tournament. However, the Chengdu Hunters and Atlanta Reigns have proven their worth to us in recent weeks and this improvement could finally pay off to take one of those teams to the final. For now, we’ll meet next week for the Summer Showdown 2021 tournament weekend recap.


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