“Overwatch” hammer sister “Mountain Goat” skin exposure

Recently, “Overwatch League” officially announced a new Brigitte skin, this skin called “Mountain Goat”, will be on sale on February 6. This skin also has a layer of meaning, which is to commemorate the 303 lineup in the game.

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皮肤 This skin is mainly white and decorated with many goat features, such as sheep head and shoulder armor, horn horn headdress, goat logo on leg armor, etc. The Energy Shield Center has also been replaced with a goat’s head from the original male lion’s head.

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皮肤 The name of this skin Goat has another meaning: the 303 lineup. Overseas, the 303 lineup is called Goats because it was originally used by a team named Goats, and then this lineup became popular in major leagues. The 303 lineup has dominated the Overwatch League for a long time. Many of the league’s strong teams, such as the Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock, are a good player to play the 303 lineup. Until the fourth stage of the 2019 season, Blizzard forced the 222 lineup to officially declare the end of 303. As an indispensable member of the 303 lineup, Brigitte with a skin named after Goat is meaningful.

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