Me Justine Fortin from Juripop.


Me Justine Fortin from Juripop.

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A rare compensation

An astonishing fact happened recently in Montreal: the judge Stephane Lacoste of the Superior Court ordered a man to pay damages to his ex-wife.

The latter’s divorce petition claimed damages for domestic violence, to which the magistrate acquiesced. This would be a “rare” claim, confided the lawyer specializing in domestic violence, Me Justine Fortin from Juripop, to the Sun.

Magistrate Lacoste issued similar statements when delivering his judgment.

“This affair is rare that Madame claims damages from Monsieur for the acts and words of domestic violence of which she is a victim on his part during the marriage. It is rare for the Court to be seized of such complaints, despite the importance of domestic violence in our society, ”explained the magistrate according to Le Soleil.

Judge Stéphane Lacoste awarded the complainant $ 17,000, that is, $ 2,000 as compensatory damages, $ 5,000 as moral damages and $ 10,000 in exemplary damages for the attack on her safety, her honor and her honor. dignity.

Judge Erick Vanchestein.


Judge Erick Vanchestein.

A convicted pimp

The judge Erick Vanchestein, of the Court of Quebec, found guilty Cleephord Linecker Losse about fifteen counts, including procuring a minor and sexual contact with a teenage girl.

The magistrate notably described the abuse of one of his victims.

“The accused even controlled even the food she could eat. (She) lived in permanent fear of being beaten if she disobeyed him, a fear that even went so far as to make her disappear, ”he explained in particular according to La Presse.

Judge Erick Vanchestein did not believe the accused’s testimony. Found guilty, the 30-year-old accused does not yet know his sentence. He will return to court in July for sentencing submissions.

The Crown prosecutor in charge of this case is Me Amelia Rivard.

Three months in prison for three assaults

Al Touma, 25, who pleaded guilty in December 2019 to three counts of sexual assault, was sentenced to three months in prison, the judge ruled Manlio Del Negro at the Montreal courthouse.

Mr. Touma was represented by Mes Aurore Brun and Jean Benoit Dionne while the Crown was represented by Me Sylvie Lemieux.

The 25-year-old forcibly kissed three women in April 2019, in addition to touching their genitals.

The Honorable Manlio Del Negro.


The Honorable Manlio Del Negro.

“First, he followed the victims out of the bus over short distances. In a second step, he approached them to initiate the conversation, without success, to finally assault them suddenly ”, writes the magistrate in his judgment, according to Le Journal de Montreal.

The Crown demanded a sentence of 18 months, while the defense called for a more lenient sentence because of its “emotional deficiencies” and its “cognitive limitations”, according to the decision of the magistrate of the Court of Quebec.

The magistrate preferred to impose a sentence of three months’ imprisonment and 120 hours of community service. He is also registered for life on the sex offender registry.

“According to the reports in the file, I have no hesitation in concluding that there is an obvious link between the offender’s cognitive limitations and the crimes he has committed,” said the magistrate according to the Journal de Montreal.