Ouya's era of domination - The mobile game warrior device is over - Photo 1.

Born from a long time, even had a time to rise to become one of the most popular gaming devices in 2013, Ouya left the gaming community with certain impressions. However, over time, with no proper maintenance and development options, Ouya has gradually "annihilated" over the years and has recently officially declared death with a June 25 closure notice. This is seen as the end of an era from 2013 to the present. Players who own Ouya gaming devices will not be able to access the store and perform any other transactions or update operations.

So, the advice is for players who are keeping a virtual money in Ouya, make the most of and buy the best quality games or fill your device with all the love games. like if possible before it's too late.

Ouya's era of domination - The mobile game warrior device is over - Photo 2.

There will be some questions to answer the questions, including the problem: Will the purchased games disappear? The answer is no. All games you have purchased on the device will remain on the system. Everything you already own will remain intact, only that they will no longer be developed and expanded. This is truly an extremely unfortunate thing.

Speaking a little bit about Ouya, explaining this "collapse", players can fully see that the fundamental problem lies in its own development platform. Fund-based development comes from the community, causing Ouya to be passive in implementing strategies because it is impossible to know the source of investment. Besides, the construction of mobile-based graphics made Ouya become no better than other devices such as PS, Xbox, etc. In addition, it didn't bring too much utility compared to the phone if not to say is much more inconvenient.

Ouya's era of domination - The mobile game warrior device is over - Photo 3.

However, the success that Ouya has achieved as well as what this type of gaming device has contributed is undeniable. It can be said that even though the death declaration, the name Ouya will definitely be remembered in the mind of the gaming community.

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