Outstanding design, excellent sound quality

Compared to most other headset models in the same segment, Cleer Audio Flow II stand out thanks to a unique appearance with the surface of the ear buds made of shiny metal. The pair of headphones gives us a comfortable wearing experience, along with an effective and reliable soundproofing performance. The article reviews in detail about the Cleer Audio Flow II Bluetooth headset model, thereby showing the plus and minus points of the product line.

Cleer Audio Flow II Specifications

  • Design form: Over-ear headphones, back closed
  • Drivers: dynamic, 40mm
  • Frequency response range: 20 – 40kHz (when plugged in) / 20 – 20kHz (Bluetooth)
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Supported Bluetooth codec formats: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC
  • Estimated battery capacity: 20 hours
  • Weight (without wires): 327 g

Cleer Audio Flow II

Cleer Audio Flow II: Design

At first glance, the Cleer Audio Flow II is a pair of Bluetooth headphones with a premium design. And in the case of the Flow II, having a premium design that feels equally premium in the hand. Despite possessing many details made of plastic, the pair of headphones has a very good level of finishing.

The padded headband has a solid metal core, coated on the outside with plastic details, and finished with a soft padded band on the inside. The pair of headphones has a snug fit when worn on the ear, providing a good experience during use.

The surface of the earbud has a sleek and eye-catching metal ring design, meticulously finished and has a very good build quality, giving the headset a unique and outstanding appearance. Located on the surface of the earbud, is printed with the Cleer logo in gentle tones, giving the headset a modern look.

The two ear cups can be rotated and folded, making the pair of headphones wearable with many different head sizes. The two ear pads are made of soft material but still have very good breathability and are not too thick. The overall weight of the pair of headphones is at a moderate level, providing a solid feeling but not too heavy when worn on the head.

The Flow II’s headband can be folded, making the overall size of the headset much more compact. This allows you to easily and conveniently carry the pair of headphones with you.

Cleer Audio Flow II

Cleer Audio Flow II: Comfort Level

The pressure exerted on the ears of the Flow II is at a moderate level, helping to create a closed sound chamber but still providing a comfortable wearing feeling for the user. The Flow II’s two earpads are made of high-quality imitation leather, with a soft finish and extremely comfortable skin-to-skin feel. The ear buds of Flow II are large in size, so they will be able to cover the wearer’s ears.

Due to a closed back design, the breathability of the Flow II will not be very good. This is the general limitation of the headphones with a closed back design, not Flow II’s own. However, I personally feel that this pair of headphones does not make my ears too hot, unless used on warm days.

Overall, the Flow II gives me an extremely comfortable wearing experience for a long time.

Cleer Audio Flow II

Cleer Audio Flow II: Bluetooth Connectivity Performance

Flow II uses Qualcomm’s CSR8675 chip, which has built-in dual radio mode and hybrid sound insulation technology with noise-canceling performance up to 30dB. The pairing process of Flow II is made simple and fast. Performance, speed, stability, and Bluetooth connection range were very good and stable throughout our real-world experience.

Flow II supports popular and advanced Bluetooth codec formats, including SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC. I did not notice any lag between the audio and the picture when watching videos or watching movies on my phone or on a computer over a wireless connection.

Cleer Audio Flow II: ANC . Noise Cancellation

In early versions of noise cancellation technology, this feature had a negative effect on the overall sound quality of the pair of headphones.

Pairs of headphones with good noise-cancelling performance are often at the expense of sound quality, as these products’ primary use is to block out external noise, such as people talking. , the sound of a train, and so on.

Since the first versions, ANC technology has developed rapidly. Cleer is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of noise cancellation headphones.

The pair of its Flow II headphones is a pair of headphones with hybrid noise cancellation through the recording mic systems integrated on the outside and inside the two ear buds.

These mics are responsible for continuously collecting all kinds of noise coming from the outside to quickly perform noise cancellation work. With optimized passive and active noise cancellation, along with custom-designed filters, the Flow II can reduce outside sounds by up to 30dB.

Cleer Audio Flow II: Control

Flow II is equipped with 3 physical buttons located on the left earbud, which includes a power / pairing button, a button to activate noise cancellation / crosstalk and a button to interact with the Google Assistant virtual assistant.

The remaining features of the headset are controlled through swipe and touch gestures on the surface of the left earbud. Specifically, you can play/pause music and answer/hang up the phone with a double tap; change the volume through swiping upwards or downwards; Switch songs through swiping forward or backward. These operations have very good sensitivity and are very easy to get used to.

In addition, you can activate the Chat mode by using the palm of your hand to cover the surface of the left earbud. When this feature is activated, the noise cancellation mode will be temporarily disabled, while the volume of the headphones will automatically decrease to the lowest level, allowing you to talk to people around you without taking off your headphones. headphones out of the head. The settings of the headset will be restored when you remove your hand from the left earbud.

Cleer Audio Flow II: Battery life

According to the manufacturer, the Flow II has an impressive battery life of over 20 hours when listening to music via Bluetooth connection, with noise cancellation enabled and at 75% volume. The pair of headphones also support fast charging, with the ability to recharge 2 hours of use time after only 10 minutes of plugging in the charging cord.

Cleer Audio Flow II: Sound Quality

The first thing to mention is that the sound quality of the Flow II has some slight differences depending on the connection method you use, namely via Bluetooth or plugging directly into the source device.

Cleer Audio Flow II possesses a characteristic warm and easy-to-listen sound that does not cause ear fatigue when listening to music for a long time. The bass range of the headphones has a good presence in the music, providing a vivid listening experience for many different genres of music.

The mid and treble ranges have very good clarity and balance, with no distortion even when listening at high volume.


The Cleer Audio Flow II is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that are all-rounder in many ways. First of all, the pair of headphones possesses a modern and high-end design, giving a good impression to users at first sight. The pair of headphones possesses a balanced sound quality, suitable for many genres of music. And with an effective noise-cancelling performance, you can use your headphones wherever you go. The Cleer Audio Flow II is a good choice if you’re looking for a high-quality pair of Bluetooth headphones.

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Plus mark

  • Eye-catching and modern design
  • Good build quality, high level of finishing
  • Balanced sound quality compared to the segment
  • Simple controls, easy to get used to
  • Long battery life
  • Stable Bluetooth connection performance

Minus point

  • No companion app

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