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Outstanding changes on the Honda Sh 2020 with the old version.

At noon on November 5, 2019, Honda introduced its new scooter – Sh 2020. Compared to its predecessor, it has been changed quite a lot, such as lights, clock clusters, designs, trunks, fuel tank, … You can read the article in your hand to know more about the Honda Sh 150i 2020

The first is that the appearance of the car retains its inherent great shape. However, compared to the old model, the Sh 2020 looks more feminine and more rounded. However, I personally find Sh 2020 also quite cool when viewed from the front.

Next is the car's lighting system. The position of the lamp assembly has been replaced by a series of daytime running lights. And the main light is placed horizontally and moved to the bottom. The rear light is also divided into 2 parts instead of as seamless as his previous life.

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The main light cluster at Sh 2020 has been moved to the bottom

The third is the trunk of the car, the old Sh version of the car has a capacity of 18 liters. However, with the Honda Sh 125i / 150i 2020 it is upgraded to 28 liters divided into 2 upper-lower compartments. With a bigger boot you can drop more items. The trunk also comes equipped with an additional USB-A port so you can charge it when you're on the road.

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Coc Sh 2020 has a capacity of 28 compared to the old model of 18 liters

The position of the fuel tank was also relocated, initially it was under the saddle. Now that the seat has been moved to the front seat, all you have to do is push the button and refuel. Sh 2020 fuel tank capacity also increased to 7.8 liters.

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Gas tank location has been changed

The most significant change is probably the car's clock cluster. In the old Sh version, the Mickey Mouse clock cluster was used with a large round clock in the middle and two small clock ears on the two sides. As for this new version, it has been changed by an LCD clock that is divided into two separate parts, top and bottom. And another worthwhile upgrade is that it is possible to connect bluetooth to smartphone thanks to the My Honda + app.

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Sh 2020's clock cluster looks much more modern than the old one

The engine also uses a new type of eSP + to make the Honda Sh 2020 stronger and more fuel efficient. In addition, it is also equipped with a torque control system HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control), which is just called florid but it is Traction Control system.

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Different plus sign (Plus) right that eSP

The last thing is the price, the price of Sh 2020 is three to six million more expensive than its predecessor for different versions. However, with the changes on the Honda Sh 2020, that price is not too expensive for me.

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