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Out of rhino horn poisoning, there are plans to release fake rhino horns into the black market to reduce poaching

World scientists are considering another measure to reduce poaching of rare rhinos, which is to launch fake rhino horn made of horsehair into the black market. You probably know that Vietnam is one of the countries that have the demand for rhino horn for medical purposes, cancer treatment and many other diseases according to Eastern thinking. Consequently, many rare rhinos in the world have been shot to death to sell horns. Why do poachers not drug rhino and cut horns? The answer is very simple, always shoot and kill without having to spend much time tracking the previously defeated prey, only rhino horns still alive and alive in Africa.

Professor Fritz Vollrath of Oxford University, who co-authored this idea, said: “Economists think that if the rhino horn is pushed into the black market on a large scale, the price of rhino horn will drop sharply. The drop in price and the heavy punishment for rhino horn traffickers will cause poachers to rethink the compensation they receive after defeating rhinos. ”TIn addition, buyers will also be timid, spending tens of millions but not sure to buy real rhino horns, but sometimes horsehair cast into horns.

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Horns, feathers, hooves of many mammals, including humans, share a skeleton of keratin. That's the reason why there were some posters you saw on the street, photoshop toenails on rhino heads to say that rhino horn and our toenails are no different. Rhino horn has only keratin and no skeleton. To make rhinoceros horns, the scientists used horsehair, glued together with a silk-based compound, and added cellulose so that when the "horns were honed", they produced a powder similar to real rhino horn. As a result, the scientists created a compound that can be cast into a fake horn after drying in a vacuum and then polishing. Even under the microscope, there was no difference between the real horn and the fake horn.

The first batch of fake horns is expected to hit the black market in 2022.

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