Osomatsu-san Season 3 – 20

I can’t overstate how important the seiyuu are to the success of Osomatsu-san.  All of them (not all of whom are actors I always love) are great in this series, and I think the fact that they’re obviously having so much fun has a lot to do with that.  I won’t go so far as to say these are alter egos, but I do get the sense that all six of the sextuplets have been imbued with an element of the seiyuu’s personalities at this point.  The two main sketches this week were funny enough, but it was the familiarity we have with the actors that really made them click.

  • Thank God for Amazon is all I can say about the first sketch.
  • Choromatsu is in many ways the most tragic character of the bunch.  He’s got more of a sense of responsibility than the others, which makes him frequently more uncomfortable with his life than they are.  But he’s also totally delusional and probably the most neurotic.
  • That whole “Memorial Hall” bit rode on Kamiya and Miyu’s backs, but they were more than up to carrying it.
  • The ear-cleaning sketch was classic Osomatsu-san squirminess cranked up to eleven.  All through it I was a live wire, just waiting for something gross to happen.
  • I get “negative selection” and all – but would you really land on Osomatsu of all people for a job like this?  I think I’d have ended up with Choromatsu (actually Karamatsu probably, but that would obviously not work here).
  • To Osomatsu’s credit he sort of did take it seriously, and not intentionally do anything awful.
  • I do get ear cleaning being a little scary, and with him doing it it’d be absolutely terrifying.  The Japanese seem to be obsessed with ear cleaning to a ridiculous degree.
  • “Persimmons” was a great arty satirical piece of the type Osomatsu-san is surprisingly good at.
  • I don’t know whether to call that a typical Osomatsu-san ending or not.


Guardian Enzo

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