Osomatsu-san Season 3 – 19

We’re squarely back in comic mode on Osomatsu-san this week, which has been a little rarer this season than you might think.  And it’s the two youngest and probably funniest brothers in focus this time.

  • I’ve noticed an interesting trend, which is that the musubi have become less and less a part of the sextuplets’ orbit and more and more the subject of dedicated material.
  • I do believe there’s some commentary on how unfunny much of Japanese comedy is here, though I admit that’s a bit of interpretation on my part.
  • Has Sake always been a slacker?
  • “Sumo Stable” is another one of those showcases for the seiyuu.  They’re becoming more common this season, and that’s smart because this is a group with immense comic talents (and not just the brothers).
  • This is a very silly sketch that works basically on two fronts – the performances and the sheer absurdity of the premise.  Totty as a sumo apprentice is so incongruous that the comic potential is basically infinite.
  • No matter where he turns up – sumo apprentice, foreign lady restaurant owner – Jyuushimatsu is the one who’s name never changes.  He’s always Jyuushimatsu.
  • All of the seiyuu or great here but Miyu-Miyu really runs with it.  This is Todomatsu in all his prim and prissy glory.
  • “Kamaboko” are those fish cake things with get sliced up into little stars to go into ramen and such, but I’ve never heard it used an insult.  It kind of works.
  • Act II is Jyuushimatsu’s turn.  And as perfect as Ichimatsu is paired off with cats, so it is with Jyuushi and dogs.
  • “Wanta” may, in fact, have come out the loser on this exchange intellect-wise.
  • The post-switch humping I could have done without…
  • This one was really all about the payoff – “it’s not really that different”.


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