Orthodontics: warning about teeth “aligners”
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Orthodontics: warning about teeth “aligners”

A beautiful smile, well aligned teeth: everyone dreams of it. The palette of orthodontic treatments has grown in recent years with the appearance of removable gutters. They can be removed during meals. But the patient can also forget to put them back …

There are many commercial offers in this area. They are not suitable for all patient profiles, said the French Federation of Orthodontics in a press release dated April 2, 2019.

The choice of treatment is based above all on the diagnosis, carried out by a professional, on the basis of x-rays of teeth, skull and bone quality assessment.

From these elements, specific to each patient, different solutions can be proposed: rings irremovable fixed on the visible face of teeth, fasteners metallic bonded on the internal face, or removable gutters and transparent.

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages, in terms of treatment time, cost, aesthetics and comfort.

The FFO wishes to place the gutters in this context: “There is no question of denying theefficiency of these aligners. In the hands of experienced orthodontists, on very cooperative patients, they can give very good results. The main shortcoming of these aligners is that the commercial companies distributing them present them as an easy technique, suitable for all patients, and within the reach of any dental surgeon, even non-specialist in orthodontics. ”

More information on the French Orthodontic Federation website: www.orthodontie-ffo.org

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