Orion Russia turned the caravan of smuggled oil into torches

Orion Russia turned the caravan of smuggled oil into torches

(News 24h) – The pro-Turkish rebels in Aleppo north suffered heavy losses when they were hit by air strikes from UAVs while transporting smuggled oil.

The attack came on the morning of January 10 when dozens of large trucks of the rebel fighters were transporting oil out of Syria. The incident took place near Tarhin village, destroyed most of the oil tankers and caused a massive fire there.

This is the second major airstrike against a convoy of Turkish-backed contraband goods since the end of 2020 with the culprit identified as the real Russian Orion drone attack plane (UCAV). show.

Russian Orion has been able to find it delicious
The contraband tanker was hit by bullets.

It is not known exactly how many militants died in these attacks, but according to Russian military sources, the number was no less than 20 because at the time of the attack, the rebels were training. There are quite a few people preparing to transport smuggled oil.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly stated that oil smuggling lines of rebel forces from Syria into Turkey will be the priority target for Russian air strikes in the coming time.

“We are talking about commercial oil supply from terrorist-occupied Syria. Oil is flowing in from these areas and not from elsewhere. We have seen everything. Talk from above, about where those cars are going.

We assume that Turkey’s top political leadership may be ignorant of this (oil smuggling activity). It’s hard to believe, but in theory it’s possible, “Putin said.

According to him, this does not mean that Ankara will escape responsibility for not preventing oil smuggling. Turkey needs to track out and stop the oil smuggling problem.

Mr Putin claimed that the oil trade with IS directly violated international law, and the proceeds of “black gold” are costing innocent people their lives.

“There is a resolution by the UN Security Council that prohibits the direct purchase of oil from terrorism, because the barrels of oil they sell contain not only oil but also people’s blood. Because from the money they make, the terrorists buy. weapons, ammunition and conduct bloody operations, “he said.

Clip of contraband tanker was hit by bullets

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