Ori director regrets “outrageously aggressive” remarks

We relayed it, Thomas mahler, CEO of Moon Studios and creator of Ori, got noticed last week by attacking the video game industry, and a few of his big names in particular. The legendary Peter Molyneux (Populous, Theme Park, Fable …), but also the creator of No Man’s Sky Sean Murray or CD Projekt were among the names directly cited and accused of “charlatanism” (“Snake Oil Salesman” in VO, literally “salesman of Perlimpinpin powder”)

Mahler reconsidered these comments and posted on Twitter a long message of apologies, directed in particular to those he had mentioned by name. “Yep, I fucked up yesterday,” he says in the spotlight of his message.

Tweet Mahler Ori Excuses

“Yesterday I used an outrageously aggressive tone that was not entirely appropriate for someone in my shoes. My intentions were definitely not to hurt anyone, but to open the discussion on a problem that our industry is experiencing right now, ”he wrote.

Apologies that come back mainly to the tone used and the fact of having posted a few developers in particular, not on the basis of criticism and criticism of the industry. It is also his studio, Moon Studios, that Thomas mahler probably seeks to preserve, so that the possible negative fallout from its release does not harm the whole structure. He writes: “I absolutely did not represent Moon Studios in the way I should have.”

Perhaps he also suddenly realized that, despite the good reputation of both Ori’s episodes, he would also have to call on the marketing demons to be able to bring the next studio title to life in the hyper-competitive jungle of the game. video. Moon Studios is in fact currently developing its new project, an action-RPG which will be published by Take Two, a game which according to Mahler, quoted by VideoGamesChronicles, “will rise beyond anything they have been able to do so far”. The marketing machine was already launched, in fact…


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