"Oracle" Kohei Nawa @ GYLE GALLERY

“Oracle” Kohei Nawa @ GYLE GALLERY

I went to a solo exhibition of sculptor Kohei Nawa, which is being held in Omotesando.

“Trans-Sacred Deer”

A homage to “Kasuga Shinkasha Risuko” in the Kamakura period

It seems that Takemikazuchi is riding a deer and turning to Kasuga from deer.


A work drawn with paint coming out of a nozzle by applying a certain pressure to a tank containing viscosity-adjusted paint.

Blue Seed

A work on the theme of plant seeds and ovules by irradiating the surface of a semi-transparent board coated with a special pigment with a UV laser.


When you think of Kohei Nawa’s work, many people think of this PixCell.

PixCell is a sculpture that covers an object with a transparent sphere and replaces its existence with a “cell of the image”.



A work that mixes multiple mediums with different particle sizes of house tools, water, etc.


Black Field

A work whose condition changes over several months due to the mixed characteristics of oil paint and oil.


A work that combines old and large sizes and arranges and composes them.

It is held until 1/31.

This is the work of Kohei Nawa, which I saw at the Chief Museum in Paris in 2018.


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