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Optimize Windows 10 to speed up your PC

You recently succumbed to the siren song (it must be said that Microsoft urged to upgrade to Windows 10) and installed the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10 ? If you find it too slow, it might be a good idea tooptimize Windows 10 to make it faster and more responsive !

Help, my computer is really very slow since the transition to Windows 10!

Microsoft having wanted any computer to be compatible with Windows 10, you may find that your computer performed better with your old Windows. There are a few Windows settings to check first, these few tips may be enough to greatly speed up your computer.

How to make your computer perform better with Windows 10?

There are a few tips to optimize your Windows 10 and therefore boost the performance of your computer!

Migrate Windows 10 to an SSD hard drive

This is my best advice for boosting Windows 10 and making your PC more efficient. Replacing your classic hard drive (mechanical hard drive called HDD in English) with a SSD hard drive latest generation will greatly speed up your computer in all its uses, including during startup. Indeed, SSD drives are much more efficient thanks to much faster read and write times on the SSD!

Previously, PC performance was hampered by the slowness of conventional hard drives, this time is now resolved! You will see a huge difference in the use of your PC which will find a second youth, its performance will be really improved.

For example, before replacing my classic hard drive with an SSD, my PC takes 2/3 minutes to start. And even when the Windows session was open, I usually had time to make myself a coffee before I could open my programs. Now it starts in less than 30 seconds and I can directly open programs when the computer starts.

Comfort is priceless … An SSD is certainly more expensive than an HDD but the result is well worth it! See our tutorial to transfer Windows 10 to SSD if you want to get started, you will not be disappointed with the result!


Like the previous advice, we are not here in the simple adjustment of Windows 10 but rather in the addition of component that will boost your computer. The RAM, referred to as RAM for Random Access Memory is a fundamental part of any computer device. This is indeed it is the memory where the information in use is stored. The more RAM you have, the faster your device will work.

It takes at least 1 GB to run Windows 10 in 32-bit version and 2 GB for 64-bit version. If you don’t know which version of Windows 10 you have, follow my guide to find out if you are using 32 bit Windows or 64 bit Windows. But that’s not enough to have a competitive PC. You will need at least 4 GB or even 8 GB of RAM for Windows to run quickly.

Afterwards, the amount of RAM required will also depend on your use of your computer: you will need less memory if you only have office use (surfing the internet, using Word / Excel or an alternative to MS Office suite) only if you use video / photo editing software or if you play recent video games that consume a lot of machine resources.

Likewise, some free antivirus software can use a lot of RAM and slow down your machine.

Adjust Windows appearance and performance

In terms of optimizations to be made in the operating system of the Redmond company, adjusting the appearance and performance of Windows 10 is probably the most effective.

To do this, type performances in the Windows 10 search area (located to the right of the menu Start) and select the item Adjust Windows appearance and performance (Control Panel).
NB: it is also accessible by clicking on the menu Start then Settings and typing performances top right in the search field of the control panel

In the first tab, Visual effects, make sure the box Animate the windows when they are reduced and enlarged is not checked.

Visual Effects tab in Windows 10

You can also, if you wish, let Windows manage these settings by checking Adjust to get the best performance : Windows will manage the display settings on its own to make your computer more efficient. It is certainly the best option to gain performance. It will however be at the expense of certain visual effects of Windows but the performance gain will be significant!

Then go to the tab Advanced and in the section Virtual memory click on Edit

If not, check the box Automatic exchange file management for readers , Windows will best manage your computer’s virtual memory, and your computer should be a little faster than before. I strongly advise you, unless you know exactly what you are doing, to manage the size of the exchange file yourself as some people recommend on the web. This could be counterproductive and have the opposite effect from that sought.

Uninstall unnecessary programs

There are often programs on your computer that you do not use (this is often the case with software pre-installed on your computer such as trial or evaluation versions) as well as unwanted software (such as tools).

So clean up your software and uninstall these programs!

How do I uninstall a program?

Under Windows 10, you have to go through the menu Start then click on Settings then System > Applications and features.

Then simply select the program, click on Uninstall and follow the instructions on the screen.

If the program refuses to uninstall using this traditional route (this is the case with certain malicious adware programs), you will need to use third-party software. In this case, I advise you to use AdwCleaner which is a free tool for tracking down removing adware (adware), the toolbars grafted to the browser (toolbar) etc…

More information in my additional article: how to uninstall software in Windows 10?

Clean your hard drive

Unnecessary files are often present on your hard drive (installation files, system files, temporary files, log files etc.), they take up space on your hard drive and tend to slow down your operating system.

Windows has provided a utility that lets you clean your hard drive and therefore makes Windows 10 a little faster. To do this, type cleaning in the search bar (just to the right of the menu Start) then click on Disc cleaning.

Disk Cleanup in Windows 10
Disk Cleanup utility in Windows 10

Choose the hard drive where Windows 10 is installed, this is normally the disc C, then confirm by pressing OK.

disk cleaning utility

The utility will then search for files that can be safely deleted from your computer and which may be responsible for your PC’s slowness.

Then check everything and confirm the deletion of unnecessary files.

Defragment your hard drive

Fragmentation of your hard drive is an inevitable phenomenon and it can also make your PC slower than it should (for more information on this subject, consult Windows help).

Again, Windows has a utility that lets you defragment your hard drive and makes it more efficient.

Type defragmentation in the search bar (bottom left, right of the menu Start) then click on Defragment and optimize its readers.

Start the defragmentation utility

Select the hard drive where Windows 10 is installed and click the button Optimize which will allow you to analyze and then defragment your hard drive, your computer should be boosted!

Windows 10 defragmentation
Windows 10 defragmentation utility

Use Windows 10 optimization software

You do not want to get your hands dirty and make the settings mentioned above to boost your Windows 10 become very slow? There are many software for this to speed up Windows 10.

Note that most of the software mentioned below exists in free version (free) and paid (pro or premium depending on the term chosen by the publisher). The functionalities of the paid versions are more numerous and more advanced. In addition, you will generally benefit from customer support which can be useful in case of a problem.

Here is a list of some of these softwares.

Advanced SystemCare

IObit’s Advanced SystemCare software is a suite of tools for analyzing / cleaning / repairing / configuring / optimizing your Windows operating system. It allows for example to uninstall tough software, destroy files, optimize the installation and updating of Windows drivers, manage startup. It also offers a game mode to optimize performance for playing video games, a performance monitor, real-time protection against malware and spyware. Etc.

Very complete but rather simple to use, its full version (Pro version) is also offered at an attractive price (licenses for one or more stations).

Download the trial version and take advantage of a 50% promotion for Advanced SystemCare


Cleaner is a well-known and widely used free tool. It’s probably the most popular PC cleaning and optimization solution in the world. Cleaner offers, for example, the removal of recalcitrant programs, efficient cleaning of Windows temporary files and the Windows 10 registry.

Note: download the software directly from the publisher’s site and not from a generalist site which generally adds advertising programs (adware) when installing the software …

There is a free and paid version of the software. For the differences between the different versions of Cleaner :

Compare versions of Ccleaner

Cleaner Professional (named GREAT in the comparative page cited above) offers some interesting features like real-time monitoring of junk files, automatic software update, automatic cleaning of browser history, update of obsolete software and more efficient file cleaning than for version free.

Ccleaner Professional Plus ((SUPER PLUS) add other popular tools from the Cleaner : Recuva (data recovery software), Defraggler (powerful tool for hard disks), Speccy (localization and identification of the problems of your PC).

Order Ccleaner Professional

Order Ccleaner Professional Plus

Glary Utilities

The software publisher Glary Utilities offers a complete tool to optimize Windows 10. The software is a real Swiss army knife. There is a free and paid version that brings together many tools (for the registry, drivers, confidentiality, protection against malware, etc.) that allow you to improve the performance of your PC. Glary Utilities including automation features to make your job easier.

Glary Utilities website

Order Glary Utilities PRO

Windows 10 Manager

Windows 10 Manager is precisely a utility to improve the performance of your computer via a clear and intuitive interface. With an optimization of Windows 10 settings according to your configuration which has among others a function of cleaning Windows, repairing corrupted files and personalizing Windows.

Windows 10 Manager website

How do I speed up my computer at startup?

Using an SSD hard drive

The best tip I told you about earlier in this article and replacing your hard drive with an SSD hard drive. Using an SSD will make your computer start up considerably faster. The tips below are to be tested but the boot speed of your PC will be really improved with an SSD.

Manage programs that launch when Windows starts

It is quite possible that you have a lot of programs that are loaded unnecessarily when your computer starts, which considerably slows down its startup time.

Fortunately, it is easy to deactivate these programs. So lighten Windows 10 and improve the performance of your computer by following this procedure:

  • right click on the taskbar (at the bottom of your screen) and select from the menu Task Manager
    Task Manager (Windows 10)
  • In the window of task Manager, select the tab Start-up. Here is a list of all the programs that run when Windows 10 starts.
    Just select a program and click on the button Deactivate at the bottom of the window so that this program no longer loads when Windows starts.
    For example, you can turn off Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service, if you don’t use it, Windows will start faster. Note that using OneDrive can be handy if you want to back up your files to the cloud.Startup tab - task manager to optimize your pc

Check Windows 10 startup options

Your PC may be a bit slow at startup because of a bad startup configuration for your Windows 10.

In order to check the boot settings of your Windows 10, type msconfig in the search (to the right of the menu Start) then click on System configuration.


First, click on Normal start in the section Selecting the start mode.

Msconfig Windows10
System Configuration Utility – Windows 10

This boot mode may be enough to fix your slow Windows 10 startup issues.

If not, try booting into safe mode by choosing the Start in diagnostic mode which should allow you to find the source of the slowness of your computer.

To go further in optimizing your computer

If despite all these tips, your Windows 10 computer is still very slow to start, I advise you to make a backup of your personal data, save Windows 10 and reinstall your Windows 10 (making sure you have a license key for Windows 10 valid) by following my tutorial or using the help provided by Microsoft:

Another option is to strengthen the hardware configuration of your PC because it will be difficult to make your PC a fighter if its components date from 10 years ago …

Last solution if you are not convinced by the speed and the perfs of the last Microsoft OS: do without Windows and move towards free and free solutions based on a Linux kernel by installing for example one of the many Linux distributions some of which are particularly suited to old and inefficient hardware configurations such as Lubuntu or Linux Lite.

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