Optimize, increase Office 2016 performance

Optimize, increase Office 2016 performance

Today’s article, we will guide and give the main default settings for you to optimize and increase Office 2016 performance, thereby helping users to exploit and use this toolkit to save time. time and efficiency in the working process.

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Microsoft Office suite of office applications is currently being used quite popularly not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Microsoft Office has many options, many useful tools to help users work effectively, but there are optimization settings, increase Office performance Not all users know for this suite of applications. Let’s take a look at the universal defaults on Office, then specific customizations on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Setup to optimize, give Microsoft Office performance

How to optimize and increase Office 2016 performance

1. Change Office 2016 universal default settings

This section will introduce the settings available in almost all or most of the 2016 Office suite applications. These settings, users can perform on today’s quite popular applications such as Word, Excel. or PowerPoint, and it will automatically be applied to the remaining active applications.

Customize the Ribbon

Ribbon The toolbar appears above the application and this is where the shortcuts and commands to perform the most common tasks in Microsoft Office toolkit applications.

To customize and set up the Ribbon, users just need to open the Word, Excel or PowerPoint application, and then go to the menu File -> select Opions –> select Customize Ribbon. On the left side the user will see all the commonly used available commands, while the right side shows the current configuration.

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User when clicking on the left -> and clicking Add >> to move it to the right. Users can click on the marks + to expand the category and get more customization for the Ribbon toolbar.

Default file save location

If you regularly save files / files in the same place or location, you should adjust the default file path to save this file. To change the location to save the file, you go to File ->Option ->Save -> then search for the right folder to archive the document.

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2. Change Excel’s default settings

Number of sheets

Each time you open Excel work, users will see default only 3 blank worksheets when creating a new Excel file. Every time a user opens an Excel file, he sees 3 blank worksheets, which means that Excel has the ability to feature multiple worksheets in one file. By default, 3 sheets are beautiful and do not burden the user every time they open Excel, and then have to delete unnecessary, extraneous worksheets.

Users are familiar with the multi-spreadsheet feature in Excel, so in new versions of Microsoft Office (including Office 2016), Excel opens only a new workbook by default. However, the user can completely change this quite easily. In Excel, go to the menu File ->Options. On the tab General, under When creating new workbooks -> you just need to enter a value you want in Include this many sheets -> then select OK is to be. Please note, the value to enter is not more than 255.

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Wrap text

In Excel, if a string of characters that exceeds the width of a column, it automatically expands to the next next right. To fix this, users can use the feature Wrap text To do this, the text will fit into one cell.

To enable this feature, you open a new sheet -> go to the tab Home on the Ribbon, in the Styles -> group you right-click thường -> select Modify -> select Format, then switch to tab Alignment, you ticked Wrap text -> then click on OK 2 times is fine.

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The above instructions just help to change the settings on the current worksheet, if the user wants to be automatically applied to all worksheets, then you need to do through using the templates.

First, the user needs to know the start directory of Excel, you need to open the Excel file, click Alt + F11 to open VBA in Excel, followed by press Next Ctrl + G, input ? application.StartupPath, then press Enter. And the directory path will show up below this command line.

Next, you go to the menu File -> select Save As, then name the Excel file, in the menu Save as type -> you choose Excel Template. Next, you will browse the folder path from the previous steps and save the template (Excel file with Wrap text feature enabled) here. Finally, you can open and use this template already.

3. Customize some default PowerPoint settings

End with Black Slide

The slide show when you go to the last page of PowerPoint, the last thing you see is not the end slide you created but a black screen with text. End of slide show, click to exit. This message wants to inform the user that the presentation has ended, in case the user has created a separate slide to announce this, the internal screen will be black as said.

The black slide as said is configured and enabled by default, however, you can also turn it off (apply to all presentations) by going to File -> select Options -> click Advanced to the left. Next, you scroll down to the place Slide Show -> and unchecked End with black side -> finally click OK to save changes is done.

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How to view files

If users open a PowerPoint file, this application shows you in the default mode, including everything saved in the file such as notes, table of contents, main content of the slide … In case you do not want to display show them all while you show them to the show File -> select Options, click next Advanced on the left. Then scroll down to the section display, in the drop-down menu Open all documents using this view -> you select an appropriate view, then tap OK to save your selection.

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4. Change some of the default Word settings

Change the font

The default Microsoft Word standard font used by default was formerly Times New Roman, but now it’s Calibri. If you want to change the font on word for all Word files, so you don’t have to change it frequently every time you create a new file, do the following:

Into the Home on the Ribbon -> click the down arrow in the Font group. You will see a new window for the user to select the desired default font, in addition to the choice of font, size. When you are satisfied, click Set As Default and choose All Documents based on the Normal template? -> then press OK is to be.

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Turn off the Paste option

Normally, when you paste (paste) content into Word, you will see the application automatically opens a dialog box Paste Options for the user to choose the format. However, you can hide this dialog box by pressing the Esc key, and in case you feel this feature is no longer needed, it can be completely turned off.

To turn off, you go on File -> select Options, then choose Advanced on the left side, next, pull down the section Cut, copy, and paste -> you deselect in Show Paste Options button when content is pasted -> then, press OK will turn off.

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Above are a few settings for users Optimized, increased performance Office 2016, help increase speed and efficiency when you work on the Microsoft Office office suite.

There are many other customizations that help improve the quality of working on Office 2016, but in the framework of this article we try to select, introduce and guide you to the most common default settings, if If you have questions or other useful experiences when working on this Microsoft Office 2016 suite, please leave a comment or comment at the end of the article to discuss and ElectrodealPro will add more if the That share is useful to the user. Thank you for watching the article!


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