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Opposing cruel captivity, New York banned the sale of foie gras and duck liver

Duck processing staff at the duck farm in Ferndale, New York. Photo: AFP

The bill will be signed into law by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, which prohibits the sale, serving, or processing of this French-based specialty from 2022. Violators will be fined about 500 – 2,000 USD / time.

Lawmakers and animal rights activists who support the ban say that the method of fattening geese or ducks for liver processing dishes is too cruel. Farmers often force these birds to feed through tubes to fatten their liver for a short time.

Animal advocates applauded the move of the city legislature. Meanwhile, many farmers have criticized and warned that there will be legal action against the new regulation.

The ban is expected to affect the Hudson Valley and La Belle ranches on the outskirts of the city. With a total of about 350,000 birds per year, the two facilities are the leading suppliers of foie gras or ducks with New York as their main market. In addition, the above measure will greatly affect employment when the two camps employ about 400 employees, mostly immigrants.

In the United States, California has banned the sale of foie gras or ducks since 2012. The government of Chicago, Illinois, also decided to ban the luxury food in 2006, but canceled the regulation two years later.

Around the world, several countries, including Britain, Argentina, India, and Israel, have issued a ban on the consumption of one of the culinary elite of France.

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