Prince Philip (center) with Prince William (leftmost) and Harry and Meghan at Christmas 2017. Photo: Reuters.

Opportunity Harry reconnects bridge with the British Royal

The first time returning to England since leaving the royal family to bear his mourning, Harry faced the opportunity to heal with his family after the scandal scandal.

British media on April 11 reported that Harry, Prince Philip’s nephew, landed at Heathrow airport after a flight from Los Angeles, USA, to complete the quarantine time before his funeral took place on the day. April 17. Buckingham Palace earlier confirmed that Meghan did not return to England with her husband, because she was pregnant and advised by the doctor not to move far.

Weeks ago, while the whole world waited for Harry and Meghan’s interview with the “media queen” Oprah Winfrey on CBS in early March, a large number of British people turned their attention to Hoang’s health. dear Philip, who is hospitalized with heart problems. Photos taken by the media show Prince Charles apparently cried after visiting his father at King Edward VII Hospital on February 20.

Harry and Meghan received much criticism for launching the interview at the time, diverting public attention away from Prince Philip’s health condition. In the dramatic interview, Meghan mentioned the Prince’s illness after Winfrey’s question, saying she had received the notice.

However, the Harry and his wife eventually focus on their miserable lives in the British Royal “company”, which Prince Philip has worked hard for most of his life to preserve.

Prince Philip (center) with Prince William (leftmost) and Harry and Meghan at Christmas 2017. Photo: Reuters.

Meghan even released shocking news that a member of the Royal Family asked the skin color of their son Archie “how dark” would be, accusing the Royal Family of not defending them from “racist” comments. “but lied to protect other members. Meghan said she even attempted to commit suicide because of loneliness and lack of help.

The interview is considered a “blockbuster” impacting across England, sparking candid discussions about the issue of racism and colonial heritage of the country. The situation caused Harry so much anxiety about the impact on Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, that he contacted the host Winfrey shortly after the interview was aired.

“He wanted to make sure I knew, and if there was a chance to share this, that his grandparents were not involved in the conversation,” said Winfrey of Archie’s remarks on skin color.

After Prince Philip passed away on April 9 at the age of 99, the British media no longer mentioned Harry and Meghan’s interview. For some, this is the time to put the chaos of the British Royal Family behind.

“There is obviously too much scandals around Harry and Meghan. I think the death of the Prince will make everything all right now,” said Lottie Smith, an 18-year-old girl to Buckingham Palace to commemorate the Prince. Philip, said. Meanwhile, Catherine Vellacott, Smith’s friend, expressed hope that the country “can be more united”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have a similar wish. He said the departure of Prince Philip was a reminder of the “glue” that made the British stick to the monarchy so long.

“Like a professional charioteer, His Majesty has steered the Royal Family and the monarchy, so that it remains an undeniably important institution for the balance and happiness of life in the country. us, “said Prime Minister Johnson outside Downing Street.

However, observers rated the biggest test for the question of whether the grief after Prince Philip’s death could resolve imperial discrepancies was the funeral on April 17. The reunion between Harry and his family could help them “reconnect the bridge” that was already rift, but still has the ability to deepen the discord.

For those watching the Royal Family, the biggest question is whether Harry will make up with Prince William, whom he is said to have been extremely attached to, after months of stress.

“Harry will go home and see his brother again. The decision to reconcile after the death of his grandfather may be a possibility, if lucky,” said royal historian Penny Junor. “The friction is going on within the British Royal family and is exposed to the public. They don’t want it at all.”

“If two brothers show up at the funeral and talk, forgive, forget, I think I can hope the Prince’s passing will help put an end to the decades-long problem,” Junor said. to speak. However, she noted it could still “work out in one way or another”.

Commentators commented that even when he no longer assumed royal duties in recent years, Prince Philip still played an active role in major family issues, including farewell to Hoang. family of Harry and Meghan.

Meanwhile, according to sources from the Royal Family, Prince Philip’s funeral will be a moment of solidarity before the passing of “a dear father, grandfather, grandfather”.

“The Royal Family knows the world is watching. There will not be any signs of stress outwardly. All focus will be on the Queen, without exception. A united family.” , the source said.

Luster (According to the NY Times, Telegraph)


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