Opportunity for Vietnamese gamers who have just recently played DOTA Underlords to earn SSD super fast for free tomorrow 10 August - Photo 1.
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Opportunities for Vietnamese gamers who have just played DOTA Underlords and have to get SSDs for free fast on August 10

Since its launch so far, DOTA Underlords is becoming a worthy replacement for the old DOTA Autochess with a large number of players both in the world and in Vietnam. And to meet the demand for 'pitted' for gamers in Ho Chi Minh City, Techguru hosted a tournament to exchange and earn great gifts.

Specifically, on August 10, gamers will be playing DOTA Underlords with some players from Team 496 Dota. To attend, just fill in some personal information and answer some questions easily in the link below: https://bitly.vn/81e0.

In addition, gamers have the opportunity to get the NVMe SSD, which is completely free from Western Digital sponsors, for details see HERE.

This DOTA Underlords will take place at 13:00 tomorrow 10 August 2019 at En Tea House with a specific address of 308C Dien Bien Phu, Ward 4, District 3, Ho Chi Minh.

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