Oppo, Xiaomi just showed that even without Huawei, Samsung still has to be cautious - Photo 1.
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Oppo, Xiaomi just showed that even without Huawei, Samsung still has to be wary

When the US-China trade war is taking place, Huawei suddenly becomes a victim and according to experts, the biggest beneficiary is Samsung technology. However, is this the time when Korean smartphone manufacturers might be happy. The answer is: No.

Because despite the lack of Huawei, the smartphone playground only expanded, but the competition did not decrease, even more fierce. Which new rival Samsung is Oppo and Xiaomi began to raise their claws, not afraid to show their ambition to fight.

Camera under the screen on Oppo's phone prototype.

Specifically, in the field of smartphone design, Samsung is a pioneer in bringing selfie camera down below the touch screen with the Infinity-O design. However, this design still reveals flaws when there are still holes to place the camera. While Samsung couldn't find the perfect solution, Oppo suddenly took the lead. The Chinese company has unveiled a video of a smartphone that has a selfie camera underneath the touch screen, without any openings.

Its operation mechanism is impressive, when no need to use it, the screen will show up completely. When you need to use a selfie camera, the display area will be pushed down, revealing a circle that is a selfie camera lens.

Of course it still has the disadvantage that image quality is reduced, because the light must go through the touch screen to get inside the lens and reach the sensor. However, it also shows that Oppo is always ready to wait for the opportunity to surpass Samsung in the field of new product design, in a spirit of not being shy.

Oppo, Xiaomi just showed that even without Huawei, Samsung still has to be cautious - Photo 2.

Xiaomi camera technology under the screen.

It seems that if only the first person fired the gun, the others hiding in the dark will gradually step forward to light. Just a few hours after Oppo revealed the first smartphone with a camera under the screen, Xiaomi had the same answer. On Weibo, president Xiaomi Mr. Lin Bin posted a video showing off the smartphone with a camera under the screen developed by Xiaomi.

This smartphone does not need to be designed with rabbit ears, the camera slips or punches with its camera placed below the OLED screen. Instead of "sneaky" video like Oppo, Xiaomi has actively filmed this video to design its products, with image quality and focus speed of the camera under the screen quite well.

Currently, it is unclear how Xiaomi's technology works. Recently, Xiaomi has submitted a patent related to the camera under the screen. This invention describes the technology of two display parts of the screen that are alternately controlled to allow light to pass through to the camera sensor.

Even the president of Honor recently did not hesitate to reveal the fact that he is approaching camera technology below the screen. He said the company has developed a prototype device with a camera under the screen but it is currently experiencing some problems.

Is this a coincidence when all three Chinese companies unanimously announce the results of this technology, wishing to repress Samsung? Because obviously, the camera placed under the screen is the goal that Samsung always aims at, with screen messages overflowing or infinity. However, until now, the Korean giant has remained silent, no announcement has been made regarding this technology. This can make many people curious and questionable. Whether Samsung is concealing and waiting until the new finished product reveals good information in fact, the research and development level of Chinese smartphone manufacturers has made remarkable progress.

Oppo, Xiaomi just showed that even without Huawei, Samsung still has to be cautious - Photo 3.

Samsung's technology limit is still stopping at … a hole.

To answer this question, it may be necessary to give Samsung some time. But how long is enough and consumers will be as patient as before. Previously, a smartphone was a big asset and always made users consider each time they shop. But with the progress and development of society, this electronic device has become a normal technology item that anyone can own. At this time, their needs and wants for this device also changed. If it can't help bring a luxurious feeling like the iPhone, an Android smartphone must at least give the owner a "unique" and new feel, different from the device of the people around. This can only be created by the unique design and features included. It can be a pop-up camera, a "shark fin camera", a super zoom lens or a 100% display design with a camera under the screen.

When Samsung's products are not enough to completely replace the status of the iPhone in the high-end segment, it lacks the confidence to break the design and features like products from China, status. The Korean manufacturer may be threatened and shaken. The life cycle of mid-range smartphones is showing signs of shortening, the psychology of buying "durable and durable" phones with users is also gradually replaced by the excitement to challenge with new things. It is also the opportunity for phone manufacturers like Oppo or Xiaomi to gradually open up. Perhaps there is no need to say much about how manufacturers come from China, not only in the technology industry, acumen and creativity in creating unique products and breakthrough designs.

Going back to the commercial war between the US and China, Huawei is showing signs of weakness. But that doesn't mean China is too weak. The government of this country can "build" a giant Huawei in the field of technology can also support and support to create a second, third Huawei in the field of smartphone-based production. of Oppo or Xiaomi. If that becomes true, of course in conditions Oppo or Xiaomi show their ability, the story of Apple's usurpation in the hands of Americans seems far away but the ability of these companies duel with Samsung Korean people are at hand.

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