Oppo Reno standard version officially open for sale, is highly appreciated for design and features

Oppo Reno standard version officially open for sale, is highly appreciated for design and features

Oppo officially launched the standard version of Reno smartphone on June 15 at most distribution systems across the country. Meanwhile, the upgraded version, the Reno 10x zoom will be available for sale by the end of this June.

Launching the Vietnamese market from June 6, Reno attracts thanks to the design of the fancy slider fin camera and many outstanding features.

The introduction of the "shark fin" camera slips Oppo Reno with panoramic screen, with a display ratio of up to 93.1% compared to the camera body. This product line uses 6.4-inch OLED display, for beautiful color display.

The design of the back provides a luxurious metallic feel with glass, with two colors of blue and black. The rear camera of the device is designed in balance, hidden under the glass layer, not causing the feeling of being entangled, creating a comfortable feeling when holding.

Giao Nien (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) was one of the first to buy Oppo Reno. She judged the smartphone to be superior and the display was very bright.

Another customer from Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City said, was impressed with the "shark fin" design. He likes the most in the "shark fin" slide camera which is cleverly integrated with external speakers, making the screen with no points to be able to handle, the screen shows a border overflow. He also evaluated the backside design to appeal to the beautiful vertical camera system.

Mr. Dang, who lives in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, said that Oppo Reno is really a high-end smartphone worth buying with meticulous finishing, configuration and beautiful camera system, fully meeting people's needs. use.

According to data from GfK, Oppo is holding the top 2 position in the segment of 3-5 million VND and in the segment of 7-10 million VND Oppo holds its number 1. Oppo's success comes from locating products, hitting the right psychology of customers who want a good product, nice cameras at the right price. Prominently, the F11 Pro model has been incessant to the market since the beginning of the year, being welcomed by customers. This is the best selling smartphone in the segment of 7-10 million in the past months. This is the basis for Oppo to advance to a new segment with Reno's appearance.

According to many experts, the segment of over VND 10 million is a "spicy" segment when users are no longer spending too much to buy smartphones. However, this will be a potential "land" for those who know how to grasp customer psychology.

In the opinion of a retail system representative, users who don't spend a lot of money are not because of the limited economy but the current products are not attractive enough. If such a product creates an attractive look, innovation from design, strong configuration will be enough to attract customers.

For example, F11 Pro, with Oppo's first slider camera design in less than VND 10 million, immediately attracted users and received much market acceptance. Therefore, it will also be a great opportunity for Reno to create a mark for users with technology and experience.

Reno is considered the first shot to open a new era for Oppo in Vietnam and promises many unexpected steps ahead. In the near future, Oppo will sell the Oppo Reno 10x zoom version later this month, a more upgraded version with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 headboard chipset and a hybrid zoom camera system of 10x …

Currently, the standard version Oppo Reno has been officially released on the shelf for 12.9 million VND. Oppo Reno standard version sold to Vietnamese market with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, 6 GB RAM and internal memory up to 256 GB. It supports face unlocking and fingerprint sensor in the screen. Behind, the camera uses Sony IMX 586 camera system with 48 MP resolution with 1 / 2.0 inch super large sensor, f / 1.7 aperture combining software algorithms MFNR and HDR, which helps to capture well in low light conditions. In addition, the product is equipped with Hyper Boost 2.0 technology to enhance smartphone performance. In particular, fast and safe charging technology VOOC 3.0 is also equipped for Reno. With Reno's 3.765mAh battery, fast charging VOOC 3.0 can charge 0% up to 75% in just 30 minutes of charging but still ensures safety.


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