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OPPO Reno has 2 more impressive new color versions

The two new versions of OPPO Reno promise to make a strong impression by the extremely creative and eye-catching design.

Since its launch, OPPO Reno has attracted a lot of attention from both technology and users. It owns an eye-catching design as well as a powerful configuration and reasonable price. This has caused OPPO to release two new color versions for this OPPO Reno.

Specifically, users will now have two new color options, including an extremely youthful Coral style orange, and a dark blue version called Inspiration Edition (Inspirational Version). . Contrary to the youthful style of Coral version, the Inspirational version brings a color of the creative world.

Sforum - Latest technology news page photo-1-15592083115411571345070-412x600 OPPO Reno has 2 more impressive new color versions

While the Coral color version is as simple as a new color option, with Inspiration Inspiration, OPPO seems to completely redesign the machine, from both exterior and box designs and accessories. , all bring extremely beautiful and creative motifs. Using the blue tone as the theme, the OPPO Reno Inspiration Edition will really appeal to users' eyes as it is considered the best version of OPPO Reno.

Sforum - Latest technology information page screenshot20190530-0849012726429478074052316-1559208343630805791020-403x600 OPPO Reno has 2 more impressive new color versions

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Both new versions in addition to design changes, the hardware parameters are preserved, including a Snapdragon 710 chip, 6 / 8GB RAM and 128 / 256GB storage memory. The device will still have a 3765mAh battery that supports 20W fast charging.

In terms of price, both Coral versions of orange and blue Inspiration will be sold for 3299 yuan, equivalent to 11.2 million for 6GB + 256GB memory options. While the orange version will be available on June 6, it will be the end of June when the OPPO will officially sell the special inspirational color version.

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