Oppo launches Reno in Vietnam, has 10x zoom version, panoramic screen panoramic

Oppo launches Reno in Vietnam, has 10x zoom version, panoramic screen panoramic

Oppo on June 6 launched the Reno in Vietnam, with panoramic screen and front camera hidden inside the screen. The device has a standard version zoom 2x and 10x zoom version.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Do Quang Kha – CEO Oppo Vietnam – introduced the recent new technologies applied by Oppo, including panoramic screen with sliding camera, status light informing notifications, moving colors , …

Mr. Kha said that it will focus on technologies such as beautifying artificial intelligence, hybrid zoom (combining optical and digital zoom), and fast charging technology VOOC.

During the event, Mr. Kha said that the 10-year anniversary of the market will be celebrated, Oppo will have a new orientation when targeting 5G ecosystem. Oppo not only produces smartphones but will cooperate with many partners to launch other products in the IoT segment.

The start of Oppo's 5G trend was the Reno 5G, used by Viettel and Ericsson to make the first 5G connection in Vietnam.

In Oppo's event, the company launched the Reno, which Kha said Oppo had "dreamed" about this product for 10 years. This product has many versions, including 5G version, 10x zoom version, and regular version. In particular, the original version has been pre-ordered by retailers for the first time in Vietnam, the 10x zoom version will start for later reservation.

Oppo Reno is Oppo's 3rd smartphone to apply panoramic screen panoramic. The previous versions include F11 Pro and Find X. All 3 versions hide the camera selfie inside the camera body so that the screen has the maximum display level.

All three versions of Oppo have hidden cameras in different ways. On Reno, the camera is lifted up, making the shape Oppo calls the shark fin.

Oppo introduced two Reno versions this time, including Reno often and 10x zoom version. The 10x zoom version (on the left) will give you the following order, while the normal version will be reserved from 7/6.

About the shape, the two machines are similar. However, the 10x zoom is equipped with 3 cameras, while the other one has a dual camera. Reno zoom 10x has 48MP wide-angle camera, super wide-angle 8MP resolution, 6x optical zoom 13MP resolution (zoom interpolated 10x). Meanwhile, the Reno version usually has a 48MP + 5MP dual camera.

The 10x zoom camera is quite impressive when it comes to recognizing faces from many different zoom levels. Photos taken at the full price of 10x zoom level are also acceptable

Reno zoom 10x has 3 rear camera clusters …

… different from Reno version usually has dual cameras.

However, both versions have panoramic screen. In it, Reno 10x 6.6 inches, the Reno screen is 6.4 inches.

Oppo equips the USB Type C charging port, with fast charging mode VOOC 3.0.

The device has a curved design on the back and edges of the edges so it feels comfortable to hold. However, for those who prefer light weight, the machine is thick and heavy.

Oppo Reno version usually uses Snapdragon 710 processor, 6GB RAM, 256GB internal memory. With this configuration, the machine will be sufficient to store and run multitasking at a fairly high level. Battery of Reno usually has 3.765mAh capacity. 10x zoom version uses Snapdragon 855 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB internal memory, 4.065mAh battery.

Reno integrated Dolby Atmos sound, filmed with zoom sound, played music with 3D options, and supported frameboost game distribution for smooth gameplay.

Oppo Reno standard version sold for 12.99 million, while the 10x zoom version costs 20.99 million.


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