OPPO A16 is officially sold in Vietnam market for only 3,990,000 VND

(Techz.vn) Recently, rumors about OPPO A16, OPPO’s upcoming low-cost smartphone, have appeared a lot and this will be the next generation of OPPO A15 (launched in October 2020). ). Currently, OPPO has officially launched OPPO A16 with a super cheap price of only VND 3,990,000

OPPO A16 has a new design

The design of OPPO A16 has a change on the back compared to OPPO A15, specifically in the camera cluster. If the camera cluster of its predecessor will be arranged in a square shape, in OPPO A16, the rear camera cluster of the device will be made in a rectangular shape arranged vertically down (probably similar to the camera cluster of OPPO A74). The device is equipped with a cluster of 3 cameras that explore the ability to shoot wide-angle 80, 13MP autofocus camera, 2MP depth camera and 2MP close-up camera. Triple cameras with enhanced AL support help you capture every moment perfectly.

As for the front of OPPO A16, this smartphone color still uses the familiar waterdrop screen design like its predecessor, OPPO A15.

OPPO A16 has a larger capacity battery than its predecessor

OPPO A16 is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery and supports 10 W fast charging. When sold, the device will run on ColorOS 11.1 interface (based on Android 11).


Battery capacity is a bright upgrade point compared to OPPO A15 (specifically 5,000 mAh compared to 4,230 mAh). In fact, the 5,000 mAh battery of OPPO A16 is not something too special, but I think the device will be more than enough to use for a day with common tasks combining gaming, entertainment and things. If you use the device with basic tasks such as making calls and texting, the device will last for more than 1 day.

Configuration parameters

Regarding the configuration parameters of the device, it is quite similar to previous leaked information, OPPO A16 will be operated with Mediatek Helio G35 processor. In general, with cheap machines, we can’t ask for high configuration and I think the performance of this processor OPPO A16 will be enough to meet common tasks or play some titles. Light game light entertainment


Price of OPPO A16.

With more improvements than its predecessor OPPO A15, the amount of money you have to spend to own OPPO A16 for VND 3,999,000 I find quite reasonable.


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