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Operation President Trump withdrew the lawsuit in Michigan after being “relieved” in Wayne County

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said President Trump’s campaign on Thursday (November 19) withdrew the lawsuit in Michigan after being “relieved” in Wayne County.

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“This morning we will withdraw our lawsuit in Michigan after we have achieved what we are looking for: stopping Wayne County elections confirming early results before residents can be assured that all votes are legal. has been counted and all unlawful votes have not been counted, “ Mr. Rudy Giuliani, the lawyer for the TT Trump campaign said in a statement.

This statement comes after the two previous capital Republicans had approval passed the Wayne County election results, suddenly changed the decision. They have filed an affidavit that they have been threatened, harassed, and reserved their stance not to confirm the Wayne County election results until the discrepancies in counting votes and fraud (if any) are resolved .

It is not clear if attorney Giuliani mentioned developments in Wayne County.

“I have revoked my previous ballot on Wayne County’s approval of election results,” Monica Palmer said in an affidavit signed on Wednesday night, November 18 (US time). “I firmly believe that Wayne County votes should not be confirmed.” Another Republican, Mr. William Hartmann, also signed an affidavit, repeating the statement of Mrs. Palmer.

Both of them said they suffered “Intense threats and coercion”, are forced to vote to confirm the results. They also said that the officials committed to doing an audit to address their concerns, but then knew that no audits would take place. .

“Vice President Jonathan Kinloch assured me that the vote confirming the November election will lead to a comprehensive, independent scrutiny of the regions. [mà kết quả số phiếu] there are disparities in Detroit, ” Mrs. Palmer wrote in the affidavit. “Based on that assurance, I voted to confirm the election results.”

“Later that evening, I received statements in which Interior Minister Jocelyn Benson said she did not consider our request to have our ballot checked as mandatory,” Mrs. Palmer continued. “In light of this fact, I have canceled my previous vote on the Wayne County election confirmation of the election.”

Both Palmer and Mr. Hartmann said they were severely cursed, harassed, and accused of racism after they voted against the confirmation of the outcome. This goes even further, says Ms Palmer “Intimidate my family members”.

President Trump also tweeted comments on Wednesday (November 18): “They were threatened, seriously harassed and forced to change their mind, but in the end they declined as patriotic Americans, [từ chối] sign the documents.

It is not clear whether their affidavit has the legal effect. As noted by Detroit News, the state Electoral Commission will still review Wayne County’s election results.

Tracy Wimmer, spokeswoman for Interior Minister Benson’s office, told the newspaper “There is no legal mechanism for them to cancel their vote. Their work is done, and the next step of the process is for the State Election Commission to meet and certify. ” Committee Vice Chairman Jonathan Kinloch, a Democrat, also said he would ask Ms. Benson to conduct an inspection but not guarantee they will eventually do it or not.

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