Opera unexpectedly launched the first "gaming" web browser
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Opera unexpectedly launched the first "gaming" web browser

Usually at the E3 event, we often think of big companies like Square Enix, Bethesda, and EA that bring the latest news about upcoming blockbuster titles. Sony and Microsoft also often use the time at E3 to uncover new hardware products.

However, the award for the most bizarre announcement at the 2019 E3 this year belongs to Opera with a new web browser release. Advertised as the world's first "gaming" browser, in the world, Opera Opera GX is a customized version of the Opera web browser that has several convenient features.

opera GX

Opera GX allows users to set limits on the amount of RAM and CPU cycles that the browser is allowed to use. Depending on the website and the number of tabs opened, browsers can draw a lot of resources and Chrome is known as a "voracious".

Theoretically, setting limits will allow users to run the browser while playing games without difficulty in the performance department. If you've ever tried online tutorials or strategy guides while playing, this feature is completely meaningful. The browser control panel also displays the amount of resources being used in real time.

Opera GX has a separate tab called GX Corner to keep track of game discounts and summarize news items at the time. Integration with Twitch is also an interesting feature, just log in to Twitch in Opera and the left bar will allow you to quickly access your feed and will notify you immediately when streamer loves My likes are online.

The interface has a dark theme with neon red borders, but Opera says colors are customizable. It brings a gamer-like design that can be seen on the theme of popular laptop designs like MSI or Asus. GX also has a sound effect created by Rubén Rincón and the BAFTA nominated Berlinist band for the soundtrack to appear in the Gris game. Of course, if you don't like the noisy browser, you can easily turn off the effects.

Some standard Opera features have also been ported to GX, including chat apps from various platforms, ad blockers and free VPN services. Of course, every extension is available for Opera and Chrome is also compatible with the GX version.

Opera GX can be accessed today as early access. However, while the regular version of Opera is available on both Windows, macOS and Linux, Opera GX is currently only supported on Windows platforms.


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