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OpenID believes that Sign in with Apple features a security and privacy risk for users

In early May at WWDC 2019 event, Apple introduced a new security login feature for iOS 13 called Sign in with Apple, which allows you to log in to platforms or websites via your Facebook account. or Google and is protected by Apple's own mechanism so as not to steal account information. However, last week, OpenID asked the question with some of the decisions that Apple has made with their new features.

OpenID is a non-profit organization with members like PayPal, Google, Microsoft and other well-known corporations. This organization controls several platforms logging in through their own platform, OpenID Connect: “This platform is developed by many companies and industry experts. OpenID Connect is a widely used identification protocol based on Oauth 2.0 platform, thereby allowing third parties to log in to their customers in a way that has become a common standard. ”

In the OpenID Foundation's letter to Craig Federighi recently, they said Apple has "partly applied" the OpenID Connect platform to develop the Sign in with Apple service, but with some noticeable differences. The organization believes that these differences will make users of Apple devices unable to use Sign in with Apple in services and websites that should work normally with OpenID, thereby creating security risks. for user.

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"The current differences between OpenID Connect and Sign in with Apple reduce the number of places where users can log in with Apple's features, causing them to face security and privacy risks. In addition, application and service developers will find it difficult to apply both OpenID Connect and Sign in with Apple to their products. Just to overcome some of these differences, Apple's feature will be able to work perfectly with the multi-user OpenID Connect Relying Party software. ”

Reading here, you must realize one thing, Apple continues to want to create new standards. Whether it is convenient, secure and better than OpenID, only when iOS 13 officially launches and this feature is widely used can we know.

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