Opening of the website of the Lao-Vietnam Association of RepresentativesAwarding minutes of signing project sponsorship. (Photo: Pham Kien / VNA)

According to the Vietnam News Agency reporter in Laos, on the afternoon of January 21 in the capital Vientiane, the handover ceremony of phase 1 of the project “Applying information technology to the management and operation of the Laos-Vietnam Cooperation Committee took place.”

This is a project sponsored by Startech Company, a Vietnamese enterprise invested in Laos, operating in the information technology sector for the Laos-Vietnam Cooperation Committee.

Attending the handover ceremony were Member of the Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister of Laos Sonesay Siphandone and many delegates of the Laos-Vietnam Cooperation Committee and Startech Company.

[Tăng cường tình đoàn kết, gắn bó thủy chung hai nước Việt Nam-Lào]

This project will be implemented from August 2020 to December 2021 and divided into 2 phases including: phase 1, website and database development; Phase 2 will build project management software and administrative administration, serving the administration of the Committee.

Project after completion will help digitize data on the activities of the Laos-Vietnam Cooperation Committee, the management, administration, promotion of investment invitations, project management within the framework of cooperation between Vietnam and Laos.

At the same time, the project also helps Vietnamese agencies and enterprises to refer to information and data on the investment cooperation situation between the two countries more conveniently and systematically.

Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, Vice Chairman of Laos-Vietnam Cooperation Committee Khamphuei Keokinaly emphasized the website opening of the Laos-Vietnam Cooperation Committee Today is of very important significance, is an opportunity for the Commission to further strengthen access to advanced science, technology and technology, for the dissemination of information, documents, and cooperation activities of Cooperation Committee of Laos and Vietnam in a new period.

In addition, the website is also a tool in propagating Laos’ policies and guidelines in attracting foreign investment in general and investors from Vietnam in particular./.

Pham Kien-Thu Phuong (VNA / Vietnam +)