Open up a new generation! The first HONDA “VFR400R” with a single swing arm

※The “first time” mentioned in this article refers to the “first time” of “commercial motorcycles that can be ridden on general roads”. In addition, the definition of “first time” may be different.

The world’s first 1987 HONDA VFR400R with a single rocker arm. It is easy to change tires and looks outstanding.

The first V4 factory car based on the VF400F among the imitated 400cc models was the RVF400. The imitation racing model that debuted in 1986 was the original VFR400R (NC21). The most important part of the heart-the water-cooled 90-degree V4 engine is newly added to the cam gear train (cam gear train), and the ultra-thick aluminum alloy diamond frame is used to exert superb combat capabilities.

The following year (1987), it was changed to a Type II (NC24) equipped with a ProArm single rocker arm. Although the ProArm single rocker arm has the advantages of shortening the time for changing tires, the biggest topic at the time was still on its appearance that was no different from a racing car. 1989 It was replaced with the same appearance as the RC30, so it is more popular with car fans.

[1987HONDAVFR400R]■Car weight 164kg (dry weight) Water-cooled four-stroke V-type four-cylinder DOHC 4-valve 399cc 59ps 4.0kg-m ●Current price in Japan: 679,000 yen

▲The third-generation NC30 has undergone a comprehensive change of exhaust pipes to the left, and even adopted a design that emphasizes the ProArm single rocker arm. In addition, it also uses a 5-angle cross-section frame and round double-eye headlights. As a 400cc version of RC30 that can be easily obtained, the VFR400R is very popular.

▲【Completely designed for the track】The advantage is that the drive shaft does not need to be removed when changing the tires, and the space for the exhaust pipe and the muffler is reserved. At that time, it was more rigid than the double rocker arm and reduced unsprung weight Such advantages are well received.

▲[System transplanted from endurance racing]ProArm single rocker arm has been used in the World Endurance Championship racing car RVF750 since 1985, so the RVF750 succeeded in achieving continuous hegemony from 1985 to 1986, and in 1986 Suzuka 8 resistance Winning the championship (the car model in the photo removed the fairing near the engine). Originally, this technology was developed by elf and HONDA. Later, HONDA bought the patent license.

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