Open up a new generation! Oil-cooled engine “GSX-R750”

※The “first time” mentioned in this article refers to the “first time” of “commercial motorcycles that can be ridden on general roads”. In addition, the definition of “first time” may be different.

1985 SUZUKI GSX-R750 (the world’s first oil-cooled engine) achieves lightweight effect through the third cooling method

The GSX-R750, which came out in 1985, successfully shocked knights all over the world with its specifications of “maximum horsepower 100ps and dry weight 176kg”. In the era when 750cc models were introduced in large numbers and the vehicle weight exceeded 210kg, SUZUKI succeeded in creating an ultra-lightweight 750cc model that was comparable to the 400㏄ model.

And its secret is the aluminum alloy frame cultivated by RG250 and other cars and the first oil-cooled engine in the market. In order to win in the endurance race, SUZUKI set the weight of the car at 176kg.

Although it was discussed at the beginning whether to make an air-cooled engine or a water-cooled engine, the former lacks advantages in terms of heat dissipation, and the latter will increase weight. Therefore, the final conclusion is that the third cooling method-“oil-cooled” engine”.

This is a cooling method that sprays a large amount of oil on the cylinder head. Because it does not require a water jacket, it is as light and simple in structure as an air-cooled engine, but it can take into account both the water-cooled engine and the water-cooled engine. The cooling effect of the engine is comparable; because of the light body and excellent sports performance, the R750 was successfully sold at the time.

[1985SUZUKIGSX-R750]■Car weight 179kg (dry weight), oil-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder DOHC 4-valve 749㏄ 77ps 6.4㎏-m ■At that time, the Japanese price: 780,000 yen ※Sunday

▲Inspired by the “oil-cooled engine” of the liquid-cooled engine of the US P-51 Mustang during World War II, 20L of engine oil will flow from 8 nozzles inside the cylinder head every minute Sprayed to the top of the combustion chamber, the oil used for cooling will return to the crankcase from the central channel and the left and right pipes to achieve the lubrication effect.

▲[Amazing speed, strong on the track]GSX-R750 has a maximum horsepower of 100ps, but it can easily reach 130ps after simple adjustments and modifications. It immediately won the Leman 24 Hours Endurance Race when it came out, and then even more The All Japan Motorcycle Championship TT-F1 reached three consecutive championships and also won the AMA. At that time, the R750 was seen everywhere on the tracks all over the world.

▲[Large displacement version was launched a year later]The 1100 based on R750 displacement increased to 1052㏄ followed, the maximum horsepower reached 130ps, and the car weight was only 197㎏ very light. This unprecedented 1000cc displacement super sports car shocked everyone. Starting with the RG250Γ in 1983, SUZUKI continues to introduce innovative models every year.

1986 GSX-R750R (Japan domestic production exceeded 1 million yen for the first time) acquired the coveted dry clutch and electronic shock absorber

To commemorate the victory of Satoshi Tsuji + YOSHIMURA at the All Japan Motorcycle Championships, SUZUKI launched a limited edition of 500 “R”. In addition to a dry clutch and a single seat cushion made of FRP fiberglass, it is also equipped with a rear shock separate from the cylinder, and an electronically controlled anti-dive device front fork. This also makes this car the first domestic product in Japan. Motorcycles worth more than 1 million yen were a topic at the time.

▲[1986SUZUKIGSX-R750R]■Car weight 181kg (dry weight), oil-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder DOHC 4-valve 749cc 77ps 6.4kg-m ■At that time, the Japanese price: 1.05 million yen

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