Open up a new generation! 5-valve YAMAHA “FZ750”

※The “first time” mentioned in this article refers to the “first time” of “commercial motorcycles that can be ridden on general roads”. In addition, the definition of “first time” may be different.

1985 YAMAHA Z750 “The world’s first 5-valve engine” achieves high-efficiency air intake, becoming synonymous with YAMAHA

In 1985, YAMAHA, which did not yet have a large four-stroke sports car at the time, launched a masterpiece “FZ750” in order to win the race.

After entering the 1980s, YAMAHA began to develop a V-type four-cylinder 500cc engine equipped with seven valves. However, due to the influence of the four-stroke 750cc commercial car competition that began to appear in Japan and abroad, it changed to the development of a four-cylinder five-steam engine. Finally, the FZ750, the world’s first motorcycle equipped with a 5-valve engine, was successfully launched.

The intake efficiency is improved by improving the intake × 3, exhaust × 2 multi-valve engine, and therefore the torque at low and medium speeds is increased. In addition, since the weight of each valve is reduced, it is also quite advantageous for high speed.

Since then, YAMAHA’s successive sports cars have inherited the 5-valve design. The MotoGP factory car YZR-M1 and flagship model YZF-R1 in the 2000s are equipped with a 5-valve engine. This technology has also become An evergreen manufacturing technology has become the most representative technology of YAMAHA for many years.

[1985YAMAHAFZ750]■Weight 209kg (dry weight) 748cc water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 5-valve parallel four-cylinder 77ps 7.0kg-m ■Current price in Japan: 798,000 yen

▲[Design concept that is still common in modern times]Including the 5-valve engine, YAMAHA adopted the epoch-making design concept “GNESIS” for the first time. GNESIS means Genesis and refers to the car body design that has been intensively organized for overall performance.

Through this design, YAMAHA has successfully created a 45-degree forward-leaning engine + straight air intake passage that brings solid torque and horsepower (the maximum horsepower of the overseas version is 110ps), and an excellent front wheel load.

▲The 5-valve design of intake 3+exhaust 2 improves the gas filling efficiency, achieves an ideal combustion chamber shape and a high compression ratio of 11.2.

▲【Be the basis of the factory car and be active in the legendary race】In the 1985 Suzuka 8 resistance race, YAMAHA sent the FZR750 based on the upcoming FZ. The well-known racer Kenny Roberts and Ping Tadahiko teamed up. Although they were far ahead in the whole race, they unfortunately retired in the last 30 minutes due to an accident. In the Daytona 200-mile race the following year, YAMAHA even won with the combination of FZ750+Eddie Lawson, demonstrating the excellent potential of this car.

▲The 1987 European version also added a full fairing and integrated exhaust pipe. Although the Japanese model stopped production after only one generation, it became a long-selling model that gained high popularity overseas, and a total of 39,000 units were produced worldwide until 1994.

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