Open the car door, turn off the air conditioner, save or "consume" more gas?

Open the car door, turn off the air conditioner, save or “consume” more gas?

Many people believe that opening the door off the air conditioner will help cars save gas. However, this is the reason why cars use more gas.

Why does opening the door off the air conditioner make cars more gas-consuming?

In fact, not many drivers really believe in this and they still adopt the concept of not using the air-conditioner but opening the door to avoid fuel consumption of cars. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) conducts experiments by allowing cars to move in hot and sunny conditions. They use 2 different cars, 1 SUV with V8, 8.1 liter and the other is a 4.6-liter V8 sedan. Two cars were put to the test at the test track of General Motors and location in the desert. The results of the experiment have surprised many people, SAE concluded that cars will consume less fuel when the car user turns on the air conditioner and closes the door.

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Cars use more fuel if the driver opens the door to turn off the air conditioner when traveling on the highway

It can be seen that turning on the car’s air-conditioning will of course consume a considerable amount of fuel. However, fuel consumption is still less when you open the windows and drive, especially on highways. The reason is that when the car moves at a high speed, the wind resistance is quite large, the opening of the windows and windows makes this wind resistance increase. The car engine takes more effort to overcome that wind resistance, and of course the car consumes more gas.

How to avoid fuel consumption by car when using air-conditioner?

In order to keep your car free of gas when using the air conditioner, you should park your car under the shade to minimize the effects of the sun’s heat. The intense sunlight will not be able to shine directly on your car, thereby reducing its warming. The car is not too hot, which means the cooling time is shortened, the car does not waste too much energy to restart the air conditioner. In case you can’t find any shade, you can use a dedicated car cover. This is an essential accessory when using a car in the summer time.

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Drivers should look for a shade place to park if they want to use the air conditioner without wasting gas

Be sure to turn off all A / C fans, lights and A / C before you start your car. After starting the car successfully, do not immediately turn on the air-conditioning. Turn on the exhaust fan and open the windows for a few minutes to let all hot air inside the car be pushed out. When you feel the inside temperature has cooled down, you can close the windows and turn on the air conditioner. Do not choose the temperature too low when you turn on the air conditioner, you should choose a temperature in the middle, gradually lower the temperature to suit your needs.

Proper use of air conditioning will prevent the car from wasting gas

Timely shutting down the windows is also an effective way to avoid fuel loss in your car. One study has shown the effects of using the air conditioner on vehicles. The vehicles most affected were Hybrid cars, followed by diesel vehicles. So, depending on the type of vehicle, you have different ways to use air conditioners. When traveling during heavy rain, you should switch to use the air conditioning mode, not lower the windows. The humid air from the rain could cause damp water to appear in the cabin and rain could be splashed inside the car if you lower the windows at this time.

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According to the advice of auto experts, regular cleaning of the air-conditioning system by car users is also an effective way to prevent fuel consumption by the car. If the air filter becomes dirty, the airflow drawn from the outside will not be sufficient to accommodate the space inside the vehicle. This situation results in the user having to turn the air-conditioning fan in large size or switch to the internal air intake mode, making the car more gas-consuming.

Cleaning the car air-conditioning filter


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In addition, the fan is also a place to accumulate many different types of bacteria, if the fan is too dirty, the air in the car will be polluted and affect the health of the occupants. In addition, regular car cleaning also brings many benefits such as increasing the durability of the air-conditioning system, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases, avoiding fuel loss, ensuring the air in the lane, safety inside the car … So the owner should maintain and clean the air-conditioning system regularly, especially should not let the air conditioner operate at too low temperatures, which will waste fuel.

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