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Open the box and in the hands of AirPods Pro: "weird design", the same material as AirPods 2, the in-ear wearing style of cocoon

Possessing a new design and many advanced features, AirPods Pro provides a perfect user experience for devices of the Apple ecosystem.

So just a few days after being introduced by Apple, the AirPods Pro has officially "docked" in the Vietnamese market. Possessing a completely new design, accompanied by a series of advanced features that previous generations of AirPods did not have, AirPods Pro promises to continue to dominate the market for true wireless headphones as well as Inheriting the inherent success of the previous generation.

At the moment, AirPods Pro is priced at VND 7,390,000 at the chain of CellphoneS chain stores. This price is said to be quite high compared to the price of AirPods 2 as well as the common ground of wireless headset devices. And for readers to have the most detailed view of the newly launched AirPods Pro, Sforum would like to send you the opening box and a quick feel for the newly AirPods Pro on the Vietnamese market.

Overall, the case of the AirPods Pro is not much different from the boxes of the previous generations, maybe it is a bit thicker than the 2nd generation and has the words "AirPods Pro" quite "luxurious". Inside, you'll get accessories including a charging case, two extra small and large headphone heads, a USB-C to Lightning cable, and manuals.

Note that the AirPods Pro's charging cord is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro's charging cord, so for those who are using older iPhone devices, users should buy an additional USB-C charger to be able to charge. case of AirPods Pro. With the USB-C – Lightning charging cord for AirPods Pro, Apple is looking to synchronize its ecosystem to the fullest. Users can also use the USB-C port of MacBook Pro (2016 and older) to charge the case.

Sforum - AirPods-Pro-6 latest technology information page Open the box and on hand AirPods Pro: Design

The charging case of AirPods Pro is exactly like what leaked earlier, with a "fat" design than its predecessor. Overall the charging case looks a lot flatter, the shape is almost identical to the case of the Galaxy Buds. On the front of the user will still have LED lights with two main colors are green (fully charged) and orange (charging or about to run out of battery). Inside the case also still has suction magnets to fix the headphones.

Sforum - AirPods-Pro-9 latest technology information page Open the box and on hand AirPods Pro: Design

As for AirPods Pro, the AirPods Pro headset itself has a completely changed design compared to previous generations. The "grip" on the headset is now shorter, as well as a pressure sensor to support pressing or holding features, replacing touch or double-touch on previous generations. With this force sensor, users will completely change the operations of using touch to control music or answer calls.

Sforum - AirPods-Pro-17 latest technology information page Open the box and on hand AirPods Pro: Design
AirPods Pro is shorter than AirPods

Due to switching to in-ear design, Apple also bundled two more silicon headphone tips to better fit each person's ear size. Fit each ear is an important factor for the ANC noise protection to work effectively. On the AirPods Pro body is also a part of the air channel so that it can release air whenever users wear headphones, to help balance the pressure so as not to affect the ears of the listeners, accompanied by an inward-supported mic. for noise canceling and Transparency Mode.

Speaking of active noise cancellation, ANC is one of the most valuable features on the AirPods Pro. This feature of AirPods will use both internal and external recording microphones to analyze and filter environmental sounds at a frequency of 200 times per second. When connected to an iPhone, a noise-checking effectiveness application will be turned on.

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In terms of user experience, despite being equipped with advanced noise-canceling feature, when wearing AirPods Pro, users can still listen and talk to the next person within 1m of distance, the further away the noise canceling effect increases and until the music is turned on is a completely soundproof environment. Speaking of sound quality, AirPods Pro also has a significantly improved sound quality, partly thanks to noise protection and partly thanks to Adaptive EQ, which automatically adjusts the song's tonal range so that it is dark. Most optimized with each person's ear.

Sforum - AirPods-Pro-124 technology information page Open the box and on hand AirPods Pro: Design

Of course, the handy features of AirPods Pro will still be a top priority for Apple. Convenient user experience on previous generations, such as the ability to connect perfectly with the Apple ecosystem, put aside a headset that automatically stops music or automatically plays music when wearing headphones … are available on AirPods Pro . In general, AirPods Pro retains the nature of the old AirPods and upgrades many new features on the Pro generation, providing an experience that is truly worth the "Pro" of Apple.

At the moment, CellphoneS is allowing the reservation of AirPods Pro at the official price 7,390,000 VND. Specifically, the program to pre-order AirPods Pro to receive super hot gifts will take place from today November 1 to the end of November 29. Early AirPods Pro customers will receive a gift worth as follows:

  • Free offers VND 200,000 (support to deduct directly from the price only 7.190.000đ)
  • Extra reduction support VND 200,000 for older AirPods Pro customers, with the following price:
    • First-generation AirPods: VND 1,500,000
    • 2nd generation AirPods (wired version): 2,000,000 VND
    • Second-generation AirPods (wireless charging version): 2,500,000 VND

* Note: Applied for purchasing products with enough boxes and headphones, the function works normally

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