Open branches and loose leaves! BREMBO acquired J.JUAN shares as the largest shareholder

For fans of modified cars, Brembo is a brand that no one knows and no one knows. When you enter the tuning circle, when you want to upgrade the brake system, you will often hear suggestions such as “First come with a pair of Brembo crabs.” It is not difficult to imagine the brand’s position in the hearts of performance-oriented fans. And this car factory has recently acquired the Spanish brand J.Juan, which also manufactures brake systems, and the overall corporate landscape has become more prosperous.

Brembo is not only involved in the modification of parts, but the high-end models of major car manufacturers have almost listed Brembo’s products as standard equipment, which shows the brand’s status in performance cars.

According to foreign media speculation, Brembo’s move is to make the development of the motorcycle business more concentrated, because J.JUAN has made considerable progress in recent years in terms of parts distribution and OEM manufacturing. The relatively low price is the advantage of J.JUAN. The establishment of a factory in China also gives ample production energy (China mainly produces brake pipes and other accessories).

This time Brembo offered a price of up to 70 million euros to acquire J.JUAN and has not yet announced future trends. However, due to the vastly different positioning between the two, the acquisition will help Brembo to develop its layout in the affordable market.

Do you think this is Brembo’s recent big move? That would be wrong! A few days ago, Brembo also acquired the Danish brand SBS Friction, which is mainly engaged in making films. The integration of parts in the brake industry has made the business map more complete.

Brembo Chairman Alberto Bombassei said: “We are very pleased that J.JUAN has officially joined our business body. This transaction is of great help to our global strategy. At the same time, we will continue to invest in motorcycle-related businesses and strengthen our core values. , The addition of J.JUAN gives us the opportunity to provide customers with more comprehensive and complete products.”

Last year Brembo also acquired a part of the shares of Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli, which I believe is also planning for the future. With ample funds and ambitious vision, I believe Brembo will continue to carry out acquisitions in the near future. The main question is: who is next?

Original source: Open branches and loose leaves! BREMBO acquired J.JUAN shares and became the largest shareholder!

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