Ontario Doug Ford wins defamation lawsuit


Ontario Premier Doug Ford was awarded $ 130,000 after winning a defamation lawsuit launched by a former Ontario police chief on Thursday.

Two years ago, Brad Blair, an officer with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), sued Mr. Ford, seeking to get his hands on several million dollars since his reputation was allegedly damaged in the ‘a war of words with the Prime Minister.

In 2018-2019, the new premier and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party appointed a friend of his, Toronto Police Superintendent Ron Taverner, as the new leader of the Ontario authorities. The public opposed the announcement, however, so he was forced to refuse the job.

According to The Globe and Mail, Mr. Blair, who was OPP leader at the time, was very critical of the new prime minister, saying he was unfairly ignored for the post. He thus launched legal proceedings, criticizing the government’s hiring tactics and exposing friction between the Prime Minister and the police.

Mr Ford had responded to the accusations in television interviews, accusing Mr Blair of making sensitive files public. The police chief was fired in March 2019 by a government official, not being at his first trial for defamation.

According to Justice Belobaba’s ruling, Mr. Blair would only have to pay $ 130,000 of the $ 600,000 demanded by the Prime Minister’s lawyers.



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