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Only show “The Crowd” at 2 in the morning? The audience is angry: Are you afraid of Andy Lau?

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I’m coming! The 2021 Spring Festival is finally here. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the domestic cinemas ushered in seven new movies.

The cancellation of the Spring Festival file last year left the audience suffocated for a year. In the Year of the Ox, their enthusiasm for watching movies erupted at once, and it could not be stopped.

As of 0:00 on February 12 (New Year’s Day), the pre-sale box office for the 2021 Spring Festival stalls exceeded 1.4 billion.

Among them, “Tang Detective 3” broke the pre-sale record of domestic cinema movies with 900 million box office, “Hello, Li Huanying” won 200 million pre-sale box office, and three other movies exceeded the 50 million mark, but they were in hot theaters. In the fierce online battle, there is a movie that seems to be cold in the early stage.

That is the movie “Surge of Crowds” starring Andy Lau and Xiao Yang. The pre-sale box office was only 30 million.

You know, Hua Tsai’s last movie “Bomb Disposal Experts 2” has won the sun’s crown for more than a week after it went online, and finally won 1.3 billion box office. It can return to the top of the daily box office on the 44th day after it went online.

“Bomb Disposal Expert 2” was officially withdrawn on New Year’s Eve. Only a day after Pan Chengfeng went offline, Andy Lau landed on the theater with a new role, but the theater data made his start somewhat cold.

However, pre-sales have never been the criterion for determining the final box office of a movie. In essence, word-of-mouth and quality determine the box office.

The film’s director Rao Xiaozhi’s previous movie “The Unknown” was pre-sold only 1.61 million, but in the end it won a box office of 760 million. So far, the film with a good reputation has stabilized above 8 points on Douban.

In this time, “The Crowd”, the down-to-earth Rao Xiaozhi seems to continue his low-key style, which makes the box office pre-sales unfortunately bottom in the Spring Festival stalls.

Under the dismal data, he even told him to apologize to the lead actor Andy Lau for the poor pre-sale during the live broadcast.

But is it really Rao Xiaozhi who needs to say sorry?

With a questioning attitude, I came to the cinema on the first day of the Chinese New Year to watch the movie. After watching it, I was emotionally complicated and wanted to appeal to the film’s creator. The so-called pre-sale is outrageous when it’s cold. This movie has many highlights !

1. The script of the movie is excellent, and the laugh is grounded

After two hours of watching the movie, the most intuitive feeling of the film is that there are piles of laughter and no peeing.

The first is that the script is strong, the plot is peculiar and the logic is tenable.

The film is adapted from the classic Japanese movie “The Method of Stealing the Key”, which has won the Best Screenplay Award at the Shanghai Film Festival and the Japan Film Academy Awards. So far, the film still has a high score of 8.5 on Douban.

Rao Xiaozhi follows the main line of the original work and retains the original character settings. With the help of this excellent script to expand the story, Andy Lau’s killer Zhou Quan and Xiao Yang’s dragon actor Chen Xiaomeng also “exchange lives” because of soap.

After losing his memory, Hua Tsai mistakenly believed that he was Chen Xiaomeng, and the other party pretended to use his identity to live life, which resulted in a series of strange and funny stories.

The plot seems absurd and unruly, but logically it can withstand scrutiny.

Due to Chen Xiaomeng’s own deep abandoned house attributes, he doesn’t even know the landlord, who has no friends on weekdays. This is logically explained. After the two changed their identities, almost no one saw the flaws.

Secondly, Rao Xiaozhi added a large proportion of black humor to the film.

Like “The Unknown,” Rao Xiaozhi uses dialects to highlight the points of laughter.

The actors in the film continue to create stalks in their hometown dialects. The Sichuan dialect (Huang Xiaolei), Cantonese (Liu Haoliang, director of “De Violence”), Shanghai dialect (Wan Qian, Guo Jingfei), and Dongbei dialect (Lei Jiayin) are mixed. The film is both grounded and Full of fun.

The role played by Xiao Yang condenses the black humor essence of the entire film, contracting most of the film’s laughter.

In the film, he played Chen Xiaomeng, the unlucky runner, who was not treated well in the daily life. He once gave up his life and even committed suicide.

The rope broke when he was hanging, the train diverted when he wanted to lie on the track, and the roof was closed when he jumped from a building. He was “joking” countless times when he was embarrassed to the extreme.

But after the exchange of lives, he was still full of joy in the transfer, pretending to give all the money to his ex-girlfriend as a member of the money, he returned to Zhouquan’s car with a sad face, and burst into tears of joy when he saw a lot of money.

Facing the thoroughness of amnesia, Chen Xiaomeng, who gave up his ideals in the past, has the face to persuade the other party: Don’t give up your ideals.

Apart from being funny, the director has not forgotten to join the warm core.

After Chen Xiaomeng and Zhou Quan exchanged their lives in the film, they finally had a new experience of the new life.

Zhou Quan broke away from the cold life attitude of the past after experiencing the dragon life, and was full of enthusiasm for life. Chen Xiaomeng learned a serious and rigorous attitude from the opponent and the determination to work hard to climb up.

It can be said that this exchange is a win-win for both of them in their lives, which allows them to pick up their frustrations and regain hope for the future.

Wan Qian’s line became the finishing touch of the film: tomorrow is full of hope, but hope will not be left to those who do not believe him.

Not only is it funny, but this “Crowd Crowd” still has a little stamina.

2. Lots of colored eggs, full of various feelings

In the film, the director also entrained a lot of “private work”, paying tribute to countless Chinese-language films, which can be said to be colorful eggs everywhere.

First, it pays tribute to the classics of Hong Kong movies. When Xiao Yang bids farewell to his ex-girlfriend, the familiar BGM of “The King of Comedy” sounded, but he was a master of the drama and made the atmosphere instantly break.

In a scene where Andy Lau played a guest role, the pirated version of Brother Wu Fei’s “You shit, you” is hilarious.

In addition, the most amazing thing is that Hua Tsai reproduced the motorcycle racing scene in “If there is love in the sky”. When the fashion is immature, he carries the figure of Wu Qianlian. This motorcycle carries the romantic memories of a generation.

In “The Crowd”, Hua Tsai completed a tribute to himself 31 years ago.

However, compared with Wu Qianlian, who was carrying a white dress fluttering in the back seat of the motorcycle before, this time he was carrying Xiao Yang with an “innocent face” in the rescuer.

In addition, the film also invited a group of filmmakers to play in the play, and the director of “Wandering Earth” Guo Fan starred himself.

In the film, he frequently played the Three-character Sutra because of his dissatisfaction with the group acting, but he gave an affectionate hug to Hua Tsai, who is serious in acting, and came with a pun line: Thank you for your contribution to Chinese movies.

The crew of “Assassination of the Novelist” also appeared in the film, with director Lu Yang and starring Lei Jiayin in the film.

What’s more, Rao Xiaozhi also paid tribute to herself. Huang Xiaolei, who plays the villain, sang the theme song of “The Unknowns” in K song “Hu Guangsheng”.

3. Acting online, the three leading actors performed brilliantly throughout

Xiao Yang, who was nominated for the Golden Rooster Award for “Manslaughter” last year, can be said to be the most powerful character in the film. He played the role of a fallen and rich man who became rich overnight. The huge life change made the character suffer a lot, and this is also very important. Test the actor’s control over the role.

There is a highlight that can reflect the tension of Xiao Yang’s acting skills. When playing the reaction after being beaten up by a debt collector, Xiao Yang handed over three different versions at the director’s request.

In the same scene, Xiao Yang’s different interpretation methods make people see different attitudes of the characters, which shows that his acting skills are well polished.

There was also a scene where Andy Lau was slapped in the face. In pursuit of authenticity, the director required every hit to be real, so Xiao Yang slapped Hua Tsai 36 slaps, even Hua Tsai could not stand it.

In addition to Xiao Yang, Hua Tsai and Wan Qian show an uncompromising sense of CP. They also have a kiss scene in the film where there is no loan.

It’s no wonder that Wan Qian deliberately pissed off the Huazi fan girl Jia Ling at the previous press conference: I have an emotional scene with your idol.

Wan Qian ushered in a small burst of acting at the end of the film. In just a few seconds, she changed from crying with desperate grief to crying when she saw her lover’s unharmed joy. She also cried, but Wan Qian cried very much. Layering.

In general, “The Crowd” is an absurd comedy with many highlights.

It continues the black humor style of director Rao Xiaozhi, with a compact and grounded smile, and a full-fledged plot.

On the lineup, Hua Tsai led the three starring roles of Xiao Yang and Wan Qian, plus powerful players such as Huang Xiaolei, Guo Jingfei, and Lei Jiayin. It can be said that the film’s entire acting is online.

There are also many eggs hidden in the film that evoke the feelings of the generations born in the 80s and 90s for us to dig, which reflects the ingenuity of the director team.

Although the current box office rankings are not good, the reputation of the film is really exploding! With rave reviews on Douban, netizens praised the movie:

The directors of the unknown generation are indeed level. Hua Tsai, Xiao Yang, Wan Qian and even other supporting actors have played brilliantly, saponified and played, and the details are reversed. It is very interesting. The highest score is scheduled for the Spring Festival.

There are a lot of delicate emotional expressions, just like the carefully buried little easter eggs. You will only understand after careful experience. Then you will smile and sigh again. Think about all your encounters in the crowd. It is a very dedicated and special The film produced the unique tone of the Chinese version.

Director of the Unknown Generation ➕ Andy Lau! Especially with the black humor of the king of comedy~ “Thank you for your contribution to Chinese movies! You are a good actor!” As expected of Hua Zi!

The crowd was surging and it was unexpectedly good. Although it is an adaptation and remake, but the intensive rhythm is also very good, it is likely to come back against the wind.

It should be the most underrated movie during the Spring Festival

Such a good reputation has also gradually led to heated discussions among amateur netizens. On platforms such as Hupu and Zhihu, the popularity of “Rushing Crowd” is more than 90%.

Among them, the recommended value of Zhiyou is as high as the first, and the Hupu value is the first! The two-way first success, it can be said that this film is a rare film that can be praised by amateur netizens with a tough taste!

It’s worth mentioning that the first day of “Crowd Crowd” was only 8.3%.

What’s more sad is that it’s not that simple for you to watch this movie. Many theaters schedule it at 8 or 9 in the morning, and some can only see it at around 2 in the morning.

Some spectators even expressed that:

Isn’t this sort of filming afraid of Andy Lau?

At present, “Crowd Crowd” has a high reputation of Douban with a score of 7.6, ranking second in the Spring Festival movie during the same period, but the number of films scheduled is much lower than other films, which is really unfair.

After all, good movies should not be buried, let alone “artificially” ignored!

“The Crowd”, another fine film by Andy Lau, it deserves your attention

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