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Only 1 version of Nokia 8.2 has been developed and this is the time of launch

Some previous rumors said that there are 2 Nokia 8.2 versions under development. One only supports 4G and 1 supports 5G network. But today's report says it is incorrect, only one Nokia 8.2 version is being built and it will support 5G.

HMD has abandoned the idea of ​​launching two versions in the same smartphone model, for example, it did not launch the Plus version of Nokia 6.2 anymore. And they will do the same on the upcoming Nokia 8.2 mid-range smartphone.

While the Nokia 8.2 name may not be the exact name, so far, all we hear is the Nokia 8.2 name supporting 5G. In addition, the source said that Nokia 8.2 5G will debut at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2020.

The source initially stated that Nokia 8.2 will have a 32MP selfie camera, in addition, the machine also has a 64MP rear camera.

In terms of power configuration, Nokia 8.2 is believed to use the upcoming Snapdragon 735 chip, built-in 5G modem. Nokia 8.2 5G is expected to cost $ 500 (about 11.6 million).

Talking about Snapdragon 735 chip that supports 5G, it is expected that this processor will be manufactured on 7nm process. Snapdragon 735 will also come with next-generation AI Engine, gaming support and many other advanced features.

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