Couple qui souscrit une assurance vie sans examen médical en ligne

Online life insurance, without medical examination: be careful before signing!

st_title = “Online life insurance, without medical exam: be careful before signing!”

Couple Buying Life Insurance Without Online Medical Exam
Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Quebecers and Canadians find their insurance products at the best price.

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The importance of taking the time to answer questions and not rushing with an insurance salesman in a hurry to sell me an insurance policy that left me little time to think. As my wife told me, if had not helped you in your process, I would not have received anything in the event of your death!

To better understand how it all started, it’s important to know that I recently took out life insurance from a broker who had insured me in the past. As it should be, I first informed him that my state of health had recently deteriorated significantly. With this information, he managed to find me an insurance product without medical examination, including a form of five questions to which I obviously answered (including only one in the affirmative).

I then received the insurance contract by email while I had specified by the standard mail just to have a real insurance contract and not an email copy, and I remember that my wife had found this way of proceeding rather “cavalier”, to use her expression. She indeed considered it inappropriate to receive any life insurance in a simple email.. In other words, he was confident that the insurer would hand the contract over to the postal service, let’s put it that way.

No longer too sure of ourselves, my wife and I decided to go surfing the web to compare and take a look (or two!) At the different insurance offers that were there. After visiting several sites specialized in the field of insurance, we decided to place our trust in, from which we made a first submission.

When contacting Customer Service at the site in question, the attendant unsurprisingly asked me a few medical questions. After discussion, I quickly understood that my premium would ultimately be more expensive than the one I had just subscribed to. But not so much. During our discussion, I also shared with him that I had just taken out insurance with one of their competitors, even telling him how much it cost me monthly.

I then discussed with him the famous form of five questions that I had to answer to obtain my insurance, while specifying that I had answered “Yes” to one of them. The advisor at then told me that it was simply impossible to obtain the protection I wanted by having answered yes to the said question. Well you know what? She was absolutely right since, form in hand, I realized that my answer should have been “No” to a question!

I had obviously signed the document, without paying attention to the answers I had just provided

Needless to say that my wife and I were in our hearts and that neither one nor two, with the help of the agent of, we canceled this policy. I can hardly imagine how my wife would have reacted, to my death, if she had received a letter from the insurance company telling her that she would not be entitled to any financial compensation on the pretext that I had made a false declaration during my lifetime!

Anyway, all that to say that I highly recommend the AssuranceVieSansExamenMedical.c siteat, which offers the most professional service, with respect and without exerting any pressure whatsoever. People who really listen, people who understand what our real needs are. The first to offer a premium comparison service, which does not encourage any particular institution, they have already come to the aid of hundreds of thousands of Canadians since 2001.

In closing, allow me a little warning: be careful when purchasing life insurance. Always check the questions you answered… before signing any document!

st_title = “Online life insurance, without medical exam: be careful before signing!”

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