Online comment In court for threatening a columnist

Online comment In court for threatening a columnist

By denouncing a man who thought he was probably allowed to send threats on the internet, columnist Geneviève Pettersen wants people to realize that their comments online can have serious consequences.

“As a woman in the media space, we often receive comments of a sexual nature and threats to our physical integrity. I decided I wouldn’t let anything go. Even if I have to file 200 complaints, I will do it, ”says Geneviève Pettersen.

Patrick Cloutier Bolduc, 35, pleaded not guilty to one count of indecent communications towards him Thursday at the Montreal courthouse.

“He sent me messages [écrits et vocaux] appalling on Facebook, threats and allusions of rape. It was so explicit and disgusting that I felt assaulted in my privacy, ”explains the one who is also a writer and host at QUB radio.

She says she was the victim of “a wave of hatred” following a publication about her published by radio host Éric Duhaime. Frightened and in tears, she went to the police station on the morning of 1er January to file a complaint against Patrick Cloutier Bolduc and two other individuals.

“I don’t know his mental state, so I was like, ‘Is he going to wait for me when I get out of work? Does he know my home address? ” It was scary what I received as a message, ”she recalls.

Serious accusations

Judge Isabelle Rheault also pointed out to Cloutier Bolduc that he is facing “serious accusations. “

On leaving the room, the Gatineau resident defended himself by saying that he had “already calmed down” on social networks.

“I never made anyone sick, it was just once, except I picked the wrong person,” he commented.

“There is no good person to target, indignant Mme Pettersen. I understand that he would have liked better to choose a person who would have been afraid to denounce. “

Thus, she invites anyone who receives hate messages on social networks not to tolerate this kind of talk.

“The more we file a complaint, the more these causes will be heard and the laws will adapt. And more people will think twice about it. For a night when you are cranked on Facebook, it can be paid dearly, ”she drops.


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