Online circles help you alleviate depression, mental health medical company Real received over 10 million U.S. dollars in Series A financing

Online circles help you alleviate depression, mental health medical company Real received over 10 million U.S. dollars in Series A financing

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According to foreign media TechCrunch, the mental health and medical company Real recently completed a round of financing of more than 10 million US dollars, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Megan Rapinoe and Eric Kendricks participated in the follow-up investment.

Ariela Safira, Founder and CEO of Real, graduated from Stanford University with a major in mathematics and computing science, and later participated in the clinical psychology project of Columbia University. For many years, he has been committed to researching and developing innovative concepts of mental health and cutting-edge treatment of mental illness method.In order to solve the problems of high pricing in the traditional psychotherapy industry, long treatment procedures, and the treatment process being out of reality, Ariela Safira founded the real-time online psychotherapy platform Real in 2019.

Source: Enterprise’s official website

With the development of the information society and the increase of social pressure, mental illness has become a public health problem that cannot be ignored on a global scale.According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WTO), about 1 billion people worldwide are suffering from mental disorders, and one person loses his life by suicide every 40 seconds.The sudden new crown epidemic has made the unoptimistic situation worse: according to the World Health Organization report, even if the new crown epidemic is over, the spiritual impact on the people will continue for more than 2 years; and the investigation report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that China during the epidemic The incidence of mental health problems in the population is as high as 30%.

In response to this soaring industry demand and the pain points of the traditional psychotherapy industry with high pricing and fewer audiences, Ariela Safira created an online psychological medical platform Real that focuses on new team treatment methods.

The group therapy approach that Real focuses on is different from the traditional one-on-one offline psychological counseling model.A psychological counselor leads multiple patients with the same psychological problems to conduct emotional counseling and experience sharing online, forming a unique “circle” culture.

Founder Ariela Safira said that this innovative treatment model can not only provide instant services without being restricted by time and place, but also help patients to experience more understanding and support, so that they are no longer alone and thus effective. Improve the efficiency of treatment.

Price is also the advantage of Real different from traditional psychological counseling. Online treatment greatly reduces the labor cost of the venue, and the one-to-many treatment mode significantly improves the efficiency of customer acquisition. At present, the Real platform adopts a paid membership model, and the monthly membership fee is only 28 U.S. dollars, which has obvious advantages compared with the traditional consulting price of 100-150 U.S. dollars per time in the United States.

In addition, Real also continues the cyclical and planned nature of the traditional psychological counseling industry. The platform will formulate appropriate course treatment schedules according to the client’s personal situation, and arrange psychology professionals to follow up and feedback throughout the process, and adjust the plan as needed to ensure the treatment effect to the greatest extent.

Currently, similar online psychological consultation platforms in China include One Point Zero, Reuters Psychology, and Simple Psychology. However, China still has a huge gap of psychological counselors, and the market is in a state of short supply.Today when food and clothing are basically satisfied, the improvement and treatment of mental health will be an important proposition.

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