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Online business bank supply chain finance upgrade: Open DingTalk to serve tens of millions of small and micro businesses in the next five years

Supply chain finance is ushering in a new round of changes.

On September 1, the online business bank released its supply chain financial development status for the first time, indicating that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is significantly accelerating the speed of the consumer product industry to embrace the Internet. More than 100 consumer product brands have accessed contactless loans, and this way The downstream small and micro enterprises provide financial support.

At the same time, the Internet Commercial Bank also announced the “Digital Supply Chain Finance Upgrade Plan”, which means that it is fully connected with Dingding. In the next five years, it is expected to cooperate with 10,000 brands to serve 10 million small and micro businesses through supply chain finance. Operators.

This also means that supply chain finance, a financial tool that could only be used by big brands and distributors, will enter the inclusive stage.

Consumer brands accelerate the embrace of Internet contactless loans to ease dealer turnover pressure

Facing the impact of the epidemic, it has gradually become a broader consensus among enterprises to improve the digital level of the industrial chain, and Miaojie is a typical epitome.

In the process of actively embracing the Internet, Miaojie on the one hand strengthened sales through online channels, and on the other hand introduced contactless loans from online merchant banks to respond to the rebound in offline demand.

It is reported that after the introduction of contactless loans, the overall credit pass rate of dealers has increased by 20%, but at the same time, it is stipulated that the loans obtained by dealers can only be used to purchase goods to ensure that funds can flow into the real economy.

A few months later, Miaojie has not only stabilized sales, but some product series have also achieved double-digit growth against the trend. “The dealers are stable and the green hills are there.” said Zhang Zhenwen, general manager of Miaojie’s business division.

The same as Miaojie is also beneficial to Haijiali, “After April, as the epidemic eased, including the country’s promulgation of policies to promote economic recovery, dealer sales increased substantially, and many of them were explosive growth.” Yihai Kerry Food Marketing Wang Rui, general manager of the Zhejiang branch of the Co., Ltd. revealed that starting from August 15th, dealers will usher in the peak sales season, and some areas have planned to expand their recruitment.

The introduction of contactless loans from online merchants banks cleared away the anxiety of Yihai Kerry dealers preparing for the peak season of capital turnover.

In fact, the contactless loan assistance program was jointly initiated by the Internet Merchants Bank and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce in March this year. After the release of the plan, more than 100 companies in the fast-moving consumer, catering, logistics, and automobile industries quickly Join and support franchisees, distributors, logistics companies, etc. in its supply chain to accelerate the recovery.

In addition, more than 100 city and county governments have also responded actively as a financial tool to promote the recovery of the county economy.

Comprehensive upgrade of digital supply chain finance: Open DingTalk and launch management platform

But even so, Wang Zhiyu, head of supply chain finance at the online merchant bank, still believes that the digital demand for supply chain finance from brands is far from being met.

From the perspective of brand owners, they hope to use supply chain finance as a means of sales channel management, to tilt financial resources to high-quality dealers, and to the dealers in cities, and achieve flexible management. After all, there is only supply chain. Only when the small and micro enterprises in Shanghai are strong can the brand itself be strong.

Faced with these needs and pain points, on September 1, the Internet Commercial Bank announced a comprehensive upgrade of digital supply chain finance.

One of the important measures is that e-commerce banks will connect with resources such as DingTalk and Alibaba Cloud in Alibaba’s economy, and embed supply chain finance in the digital operation of enterprises.

“At present, 3,000 consumer goods brands have completed corporate certification in Dingding, and distributors of these brands have also used Dingding to perform purchase order management, data analysis, and online communication and interaction with brand vendors. If financial services Being able to fully integrate with these links will undoubtedly greatly facilitate these small and micro business owners,” said Wang Zhiyu.

In addition to getting through Dingding, during this upgrade, the online business bank will also launch a digital supply chain financial management platform as a “business consultant” for consumer brands to manage their own distribution network. Brand owners can use the platform to learn about dealer credit performance. Participate in credit links such as quota increase and interest rate reduction.

It is reported that this upgrade plan will continue to be open to financial institutions and industry chains, allowing more small and medium brands, small and medium dealers and terminal stores to obtain digital supply chain financial services.

It is worth mentioning that the Internet Commercial Bank also stated that it will take digital supply chain finance as an important direction for future development.

Wang Zhiyu believes that these small and micro enterprises in the supply chain overlap with online e-commerce and offline code providers by less than 10%. We believe that this method can further increase the loan availability rate of small and micro enterprises across the country. , So that funds can better enter the real economy.

Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Pan Yichun, editor Chen Li proofreading Fu Chunyan

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