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OnePlus merges its R&D department with that of OPPO

OnePlus is said to have merged its research and development department with that of OPPO. This means that the two Chinese manufacturers will combine their respective know-how to design new technologies.

The new relationship between OPPO and OnePlus is quite similar to the relationship between Xiaomi and Redmi, which have shared the same R&D for years now.

OnePlus 8 Pro and OPPO Find X2 Pro – Credit: OnePlus and OPPO

The Chinese manufacturer reportedly told Android Authority “ In order to better optimize resources and better position OnePlus for growth, we are in the process of further integrating certain R&D capabilities within OPLUS, our long-term investor. OnePlus will continue to operate independently and work to provide the best possible user experience for current and future OnePlus users.. ».

OPLUS is a group of investors that oversees OnePlus, Oppo and Realme, so we could see the effects of the new integration across the three brands. It should be remembered that Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, had recently become the Vice President of Product Experience within the OPLUS Group..

OnePlus and OPPO: joint R&D to create the same smartphones?

Recently, we had seen OnePlus fans complaining about the similarities between some devices from the Chinese manufacturer with those from OPPO. This is for example the case of the OnePlus Watch, whose design was revealed by the source code of the OnePlus Health application. Indeed, this would only be a modified version of the OPPO Watch which had been released a few months earlier.

The OnePlus Band, the OnePlus bracelet whose design we had previewed had also been widely criticized because of its striking resemblance to the OPPO Band. These similarities are not limited to connected watches, since Fans accuse OnePlus of taking back same phones as OPPO and putting its logo on them. This was for example the case for the OnePlus Nord N100 and its 90 Hz screen, which the community considers far too similar to the OPPO A53.

Although the two manufacturers share many products, OnePlus should retain its independence on the software part. We are not yet close to seeing OnePlus smartphones running Color OS.

Source : Android Authority

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