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OnePlus Announces Open Ears Forum 2020 For Red Cable Club Members


OnePlus has announced yet another edition of Open Ears Forum 2020, in Goa, India. This time, the company is offering free air travel and accommodation to select Red Cable Club members. Open Ears Forum 2020 will happen on the 15th and 16th of February, where the company will discuss the various aspects of upcoming OnePlus products.

OnePlus Announces Open Ears Forum 2020 For Red Cable Club Members

What Is OnePlus Open Ears Forum?

As the name suggests, this is an event from OnePlus that includes media, OnePlus staff, and Red Cable Club members. The company will listen to the inputs from attendees regarding products and what are the features that users are anticipating.

The company might also tease or showcase its upcoming software and hardware products as well. Based on the inputs from the event, the company might include or exclude features on its upcoming devices.

How To Attend OnePlus Open Ears Forum?

To attend OnePlus Open Ears Forum, one has to be a Red Cable Club member (free membership available for OnePlus phone owners). Interested users have to fill an online application on OnePlus Forum and OnePlus will finalize a list of attendees, who will get to travel to Goa and stay at a five-star hotel for two nights.

Do note that, OnePlus will take care of travel and accommodation for the selected attendees. As of now, it is unclear on the number of Red Club Members that the company is taking to attend this event. Similarly, there is no guarantee that one might get selected to attend this event, as it entirely depends on the number of applications that the company will receive.

Do note that, Red Cable Club currently has 1.1 million members, so it is a matter of luck. As of now, it is unclear if the company prefers those users who are active on its OnePlus Forum or not.

Register Here For OnePlus Open Ears Forum

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