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OnePlus 7 Pro performance test: Very impressive!

OnePlus 7 Pro is OnePlus' most advanced smartphone and according to its spec it has very high performance in the top if compared to other Android flagships. Partly so far, I have a very good impression of OnePlus and their smartphone products are always at a high level, but the price is very attractive.


Configure device using Snapdragon 855 chip and I am using 8GB RAM version. With 4000 mAh battery, I think it will meet the needs and time of use during the day. I will test the performance through bench applications to see more data about what the 855 chip on the OnePlus 7 Pro can do.


Antutu benchmark makes me extremely impressed because it reaches about 443 thousand points, especially the CPU score at 132 ~ 131 thousand and GPU up to 173 thousand, very few smartphones today can reach this terrible level. If considering the ranking of Antutu, OnePlus 7 Pro has the third highest Antutu score after ROG Phone 2 and Asus ZenFone 6 2019. Of course, the top 1 and top 2 phones are smartphones specifically designed for gaming so it has good heat dissipation. , but once the radiator is good, the Antutu calculation point will be higher.

If you have to consider the common ground of regular Android flagships, OnePlus 7 Pro "accept all" other devices in terms of performance.

Geekbench 4

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Through 2 tests on Geekbench, the single-point score on OnePlus 7 Pro has an impressive CPU score, but the high multi-core score surpasses ~ 10500 points. Of course we pay more attention to the multi-core point because it directly affects the use of the machine.


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GFX graphics scores are also one of the heaviest tests on the list. You notice the OnePlus 7 Pro reached 1,521 frames, in some 3D games during the test it reached 2,677 frames (Custom Fps) – it is difficult for a smartphone to reach such a threshold (Adreno 640 graphics chip) ).


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The read speed of memory through the Andro test: OnePlus 7 Pro reached at 1451 MB / s, higher than machines like the Galaxy S10 + or Mi 9. However I do not believe the results of Androbench very much due to the fact the number 1.4 GB / s is very high for a smartphone in terms of reading speed. However, I give this number For reference only!


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PCMark scores will evaluate based on the tasks that ordinary users or manipulations such as browsing the web, editing photos, making videos, etc. It also seems that thanks to the good CPU processing ability, most of the actual experience, so far I have not seen any cases of lag while using. OnePlus 7 Pro has reached 9829 very high, which means it will bring us daily experience very well.


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To test the gaming performance, we will use 3DMark. As mentioned above, the Adreno 640 GPU is a powerful graphics chip. This leads to tests like GFXbench or 3Dmark that have a high score.

Test Gamebench
This is a software that allows you to record all the parameters of the device during the game. We can use the Pro version, but if you want to use it, you can download the community version at Play Store with a little more limited functionality. Here are the results when I play game Lien Quan Mobile.

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The average number of FPS when I set the game configuration to the maximum level reached 60FPS (Note that 60FPS due to the limitation of the game itself, not the machine only reaches 60FPS). With the graphics as analyzed above, FPS when playing reaches a stable level of 79%, but if you look at the chart below, you will understand why it is only 79%

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The reason is that when I installed the game, the default was only 30FPS and I was stuck at this step for a long time, about 4 minutes because I had to download more data for the game. In fact, after the 7th minute, that is when the game is entered, the FPS is extremely stable, almost a constant line. Jank graph line – the bottom purple color – represents the level of lag while the user manipulates it, so to say that every time we feel lag, this line will show. Most of the time this figure is just below 13, sometimes jumping to more than 20 billion.

Practical experience
Numbers only describe part of the problem. But in fact, my feeling with the machine performance is extremely good. Playing game manipulation gives me a certain confidence during the skill and I feel very accurate. On common tasks, there is absolutely no lag. Combining great hardware and smooth swiping navigation, no lag or anything. I am completely satisfied with the performance that OnePlus 7 Pro brings.


  • There is no denying that OnePlus 7 Pro is a very good performance machine, CPU and GPU always score high and unbelievable. However, you should not let the machine run in the background too many tasks at the same time, because at this time there will be a certain delay if using it too much.
  • Read and write speed of the memory you note only reached the reference level, because it is basically too high as I said above. It is impossible for a smartphone to have read speeds of up to 1.4GB / s.

Thanks to XTmobile for letting us test the device

muniuteinl@gmail.com (Mikeknowsme)

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