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OneDrive Personal Vault: adds a layer of security for important files stored in the cloud

OneDrive Personal Vault is a feature added by Microsoft in the OneDrive cloud storage service, which is an area containing important files and requires an additional authentication layer (PIN, fingerprint, face scan) , two-layer authentication code or Microsoft authentication application) can be accessed.

Microsoft says the OneDrive Personal Vault can be used to store important, high-security, user-defined files such as ID images, ID cards, passports, airline tickets, insurance, vehicle documents, and housing. , important contracts, …

Users can use the camera in the OneDrive app to scan and save these documents directly to Personal Vault instead of using the phone's normal camera app, which is less secure than Microsoft.

When used on computers running Windows 10, Microsoft will sync Personal Vault with BitLocker – an area encrypted on the hard drive. After an unused period (default of 3 minutes on mobile and 20 minutes on web or hard drive), OneDrive will lock Personal Vault and users must authenticate again to access. If you access OneDrive through the browser on another computer, the browser will not save the Personal Vault files to the cache.

For registered accounts Office365, Personal Vault supports saving unlimited number of files (the limit is the remaining content of that account). For free OneDrive accounts or basic packages, the amount of files saved in the Personal Vault will be limited.

With the new feature Personal Vault, OneDrive has one more competitive point compared to other cloud storage services. Currently Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox still does not have a special folder that is encoded one more layer to contain more important content in the cloud. Microsoft said that this feature will be updated for all users later this year, especially for Canadian, Australian and New Zealand users to be updated soon.

Besides the new feature, Microsoft today also updated the OneDrive cloud storage package capacity. Basic package of $ 2 / month will be doubled storage capacity, from 50 to 100 GB. In the near future, Office 365 users also have the option to buy more storage capacity, priced from $ 2 / month for 200GB to $ 10 / month for 1TB.


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