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(Miri 17) The hottest and most prosperous commercial center in 2020 is the commercial center of No. 7 Yiyi Road, Miri. Not only does this have the most precious freehold and prime business locations, but it is also well-connected with traffic. The good news is that traffic lights will be set up at the entrance of the business center, and traffic planning will greatly improve the convenience of the commercial center of Puyi 7 Road. .
In addition to the surrounding residential area, KPJ Specialist Hospital, Chaoyang International College and National Youth Technology College (IKBN) are also within easy reach.
Under the high-quality planning of Sunyang, Puyi No. 7 Commercial Center is bound to become a one-stop popular business district. The three-storey shophouse is between 3,400 square feet (20’x60 ‘), with a spacious space design. Nearly 1,108 parking spaces, in addition to the opening of Yongsheng Supermarket, will also usher in the themed cafes, health and nutrition organic shops, furniture centers, hotels, financial and banking institutions, and so on.
The commercial center of Puyi No.7 Road will become more abundant. It will provide a variety of cuisines, and have everything you need to eat, drink, and play. It is definitely a place for daily visits by fashionable people in the city. The commercial center of Puyi No. 7 Road will be built into Miri. The hottest food paradise, whether it is your own business or investment, is definitely the first choice for the savvy.

The commercial center of Puyi No. 7 is well-connected and convenient for everyone.

The industry with such high business opportunities in Puyi No. 7 Commercial Center will definitely bring you excellent business opportunities and huge development prospects, and it will also continue to increase the store’s value-added rate. Equipped with a professional corporate appearance image, it is very suitable for a variety of business needs, such as corporate offices, professional suites, retail showrooms, financial institutions, convenience stores, clothing stores, entertainment and dining halls, education and fitness centers or It is health spa, beauty care, etc. Are you looking for a place to start a business?
Do you want a business plan to expand your store? Puyi No. 7 Commercial Center is definitely your first choice. The company also offers a “rent-a-rent-before-buy” plan that you must not miss to give you a good start and support for your business opportunities.
Opportunities are rare, let you become a millionaire, and realize your ambitions to fulfil your ambitions is located in No. 7 Puyi Commercial Center! In conjunction with the opening of the Yongsheng Supermarket at the Puyi 7th Road Commercial Center, Sun Development Group has opened the Miri Puyi 7 Commercial Center Industrial Sales Exhibition Room. It is dedicated to provide better customers from 9 am to 5 pm Service, welcome to visit the sales exhibition room.
A series of model houses of the company are exhibited in the Industrial Sales Exhibition Room of Puyi Commercial Center No.7, including Miri Phase 15 & 16 Villa Garden, Phase 2 Villa Villa, Phase 7 Greenwood Garden, Phase 6 Heliao Villa, and new Recommended Luak Garden.

The one-stop commercial center of Puyi No. 7 Road is spectacular.

Come and visit Sunyang Development Group’s industry consulting professionals to explore more business opportunities! Please contact: 085-656699 to transfer 331 or 406, or Joycelyn Low (016-889 2399), Ms Tan (016-889 4299), Ivy Chong (016-886 9919), Winnie Song (016-8868299), Cynthia Chia (016-886 6299) or visit the website

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