One million doses of our exported covid vaccine ...

One million doses of our exported covid vaccine …

Read the article “Russia confirms that there are enough drugs for the treatment of COVID-19” (DVO, 7/2/2021) and some other related articles, please introduce the article with a slightly different perspective with the parody title. The lyrics of the song “Million Roses” as above by Russian journalist Liudmila Nhikolaieva also about Russian vaccine “Sputnhik-V”.

Post on “Svobodnaia Pressa” on February 6, 2021. Because it’s too long, we have a few paragraphs.

One of the most important things to do in the world ...
Photo: Zuma / TASS

I. The journalist’s introduction

The Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” is flying in all four directions, like hot donuts sold on a frozen winter day. It doesn’t get stuck on the way, doesn’t have the same problems with suppliers as we often see in the logistics industry.

Six hundred thousand doses “Sputnik V” – has set out to Argentina. Two hundred and fifty thousand doses – to Serbia. And also Hungary, which is waiting for the promised two million doses, Iran (5 million doses), Algeria, Bolivia. Next, it will be everywhere in the world.

What about Russia itself? How many doses have been provided to provinces in the country?

In the province of Leningrad with a population of about two million people, the first wave was 10,000 doses. The second wave, “very difficult”, was “stripped” from Moscow after (first batch) a month later, 8,000 doses.

This new batch has been sent to medical facilities – at least someone has to be lucky. The long awaited 1,600-dose batch reached the city of St. Petersburg last Wednesday. Total number of doses as of December 2020 for the province of Leningrad- 143,042 doses.

A total of 86,479 people had received the first shot of COVID-19 in this city of five million – by the end of the first week of February (or 1.6% of the population).

In the Karelia Republic, people are also very excited that they have not been forgotten, having received “up to” 16,000 doses, at a time when, as is often said, there was no hope.

Despite the fact that in November to December (2020) our Forest Republic (ie Karelia), together with the province of Pskov, became one of the regions to record the number of covid infections.

How is the situation now? Has the vaccine been deployed on a large scale as announced by President Vladimir Putin in early January?

(Next, the author interviewed residents of a number of provinces about the vaccination situation, we summarized this section, taking only the numbers, specifically: 1 / City of Pskov and province of Pskov: currently receiving 8,400 doses, will 8,000 more doses left “in the coming days. 2 / Province Perm- received second batch of 7,500 doses).


The Washington Post quoted Ildegund Ertl, a vaccine expert at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia says of Russian vaccines as follows: “Good safety record, more than 90% effective for all ages, 100% effective against severe or dangerous changes. muscle death.

What more do we need? ”. That means, in America, where super-chemists and super-manufacturers of all kinds of modern drugs, are also looking at our “Sputnik V”.

And the Wall Street Journal said: “Russia is becoming a very potential country in the world market of vaccines worth billions of dollars. – The effectiveness of the Russian “Sputnik V” is practically on par with the US Pfizer and the product of its German counterpart BioNTech Germany (91.6% versus 95%). But at the same time, the Russian vaccine is more effective than the Anglo-Swedish company’s AstraZeneca product ”.

From a purely economic point of view, only our Russian Mother can be happy. The contracts promise to bring Mother Russian a very significant profit. Because the price of a vaccine in EU prices is 20-30 euros.

Multiply by hundreds of millions of doses – into astonishing numbers. Plus bonuses from locally produced joint ventures – in India, as is known, have already started building a factory, and in Iran – are planning to build.

This is a real breakthrough! “Oil Needle” (depending on oil income-ND) can rest! That is me (the author) has not mentioned the image of our country – the god of salvation of humanity, considered “already in the pocket” of the Russian Federation.

But in those glorious visions, will our beloved, patient and suffering people of our Mother Russia wait until that prosperity comes?

Will this saving vaccine-form joy and financial well-being reach every Russian? Because after all, the most plausible thing is if capital spills the country, move it where it’s needed most.

Pay pension for the elderly, doctors, medical staff, teachers, science-technology-technical staff

As was done in the Soviet Union in the 1950s. At that time, two Soviet scientists were Chumakov and Smorodintsev has researched and developed a vaccine against polio.

In the years after the war, polio killed thousands of children all over the planet. Our country then was no exception.

II. Interview section

first/ Maina Bichurina, Doctor of Science, Doctor Cong Huan (as the elite physician in Ta-ND) Contact Bang Nga, Head of Department Texperiment Research Institute epidemiology and microbiology Name Pasteur

– Yes, the Moscow scientist Chumakov and the Leningrad Smorodintsev – the people who worked on this vaccine, in fact saved the world in the literal sense of the word.

All countries began to buy from us, despite the “Iron Curtain” and the “Cold War”. And until now they continue to buy.

“SP”: Did (the Soviet Union) sell that vaccine to foreign countries as soon as it appeared?

– No, first of all for his own children (Soviet Union). Only later (to foreign countries) will be sold, and only what remains. How could it be different?

M: Today is quite different, Russian regions receive the “Sputnik V” in small and infrequent numbers. Whereas it is not the same with our “Western partners”

– Please calm down, this is the usual “relationship setting” way. As far as I know, the drug is sent abroad so that they get used to it. Then (Russia) will help them build their own production lines …

“SP”: Dear Maina Aleksandrovna (Bichurina What can you say about the organization of our immunization campaign?

– Not easy at all, given the specifics of the vaccine, – thaw it first and use it immediately after opening the vial. To do so, needing 5 patients, they also need to be organized …

The reforms of home medicine in recent years have raised a number of problems, roughly speaking, that are detrimental to the work of experts, but fortunately those reforms are close to as does not affect epidemiologists.

Our industry is still among the best in the world. Because, we did not stop working on making vaccines during the years after the fall of the Soviet Union, and carried out scheduled vaccinations. We can process (translate) at present.

Only jealous of the above optimistic spirit of the seasoned epidemiologist Bichurina. Although this optimistic spirit, based on what has been seen, is built in the spirit of delicateism, that is, it does not want to offend anyone. A “long-lived” school, as they say!

2 / Another senior researcher at the Institute for Flu Research named Smorodintsev.

He will say what he thinks is necessary but at the same time ask not to include his surname in the article, – because there is a very strict direction from the institute’s management – to ask the staff. do not communicate with the press. New era – new taboos.

– The Russian vaccine conquering the whole world cannot help but make us happy. But why back home, the vaccine is classified as a “rare commodity”, all waiting for a vaccine, but it always comes slowly and with a very modest amount. – Worse condition (Russia), in my opinion, now only in Ukraine.

The current government there rejected the Russian “Sputnik V”, and called it a kind of “complex weapon”, apparently, with great intelligence. Now, the Ukrainian (government) is traveling all over Europe with one outstretched hand – exactly as President Zelensky described himself.

“SP”: I recently read in the foreign press that Ukraine will have wide access to vaccines no earlier than 2023 …

It’s a pity for our Uraine brethren, but they have chosen for themselves the rulers, and as they are said, they have come to terms. Russia needs, first of all, to think for itself.

To do this, activate political levers (activate the entire political system). But as far as I understand, the Russian government is currently focused on (dealing with) protest actions (after the Navalnyi-Nd).

The coronavirus, along with all its harmful effects, has been somewhat obscured amid demonstrations in the eyes of the Kremlin.

That could lead to consequences, that is, with new outbreaks of infections, a third wave. That is, a wave, my God, is not going to be easy at all.

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